Quacks and snacks


Kari Zwick

Ryan Geilen, left, and Jeydon Wilson, right, sell ducks in the cafeteria during a recent lunch period.

Go to the gym foyer during the lunch block on Thursdays and you’ll find two Concord High School students at a table selling rubber ducks for $1 apiece.

Ryan Geilen and Jeydon Wilson became friends through Concord High’s Peer-to-Peer class, which matches students in the Special Education program with other CHS students. This creates friendship, as well as allyship within the CHS community.

Geilen and Wilson start duck sales at 11:45 a.m. and end at 12:15 p.m.

The ducks aren’t the only thing sold by students at CHS. Another popular project sold by students in the Transitioning into Adulthood Program (TAP) is popcorn.

Zawadi Bora scoops popcorn outside of senior lounge, next to Commons A. (Kari Zwick)

Zawadi Bora, who is currently in charge of popcorn sales, sets up in front of the senior lounge, near Commons A, on Tuesdays from 1 to 2 p.m.

A serving of popcorn costs $1. For only 50 cents more, you can add in mix-ins.

The current top selling mix-in is M&M’s, but customers can also request butter. For Easter, TAP students selling popcorn offered Peeps as a mix-in option at the recommendation of a CHS student.

Suggestions and requests are happily accepted by TAP workers for future reference.

Conversations between TAP workers and customers, sparked by the sales, are “a reminder to slow down and have fun,” said Special Education teacher Kari Zwick, who manages TAP.

Sometimes students purchase popcorn for other students, even if they don’t know each other. Zwick loves seeing such generosity. “You kids are the future.”

TAP helps students prepare for the future through internships, visits to community agencies, colleges and worksite, and job preparation activities. 

Students gain a deeper understanding of how to advocate for themselves, as well as the rights they should be advocating for.

TAP will also be in charge of the Plant Sales, which will be beginning around May 25. Tulips, allium, daffodils and succulents are likely to be available for $1.

Any student interested in helping grow the plants can swing by W2080 and water them.

The money from the plant sales and the popcorn sales will go towards field trips for TAP that the members get to choose.