Weekly WIN Fridays have begun


Daisy LaPlante

A group of students look through a pile of shirts at the CHS Sustainable Thrift Shop’s most recent event on Main Street. All clothing is available for free. One of the organizers, reading teacher Jen Speidel, can be glimpsed here in the background.

Students who need extra help or opportunities to reassess should make use of weekly WIN sessions that began last Friday, April 14.

From now through June 16, teachers are available for 45 minutes between the first and second blocks of the day each Friday.

As administrators explained on a recent post to ParentSquare, “The purpose of this block is for ‘real time’ support and remediation.  Students are either self-selecting or teachers are selecting sessions for students to attend. Families will be receiving an email which will indicate which session a student has signed up for. We encourage families to have conversations with their students regarding which session they have signed up for.”

“These more timely WIN sessions replace a full week of remediation at the end of the semester. We recognize that a week at the end of the year is not how we want students to recover and remediate. That is stressful for students and not an ideal academic model. So, it’s important for families to know that students will have limited remediation at the end of the year.”

“Instead of four or five days with remediation included, there will be two afternoons [June 19 and 20] from 1:00-3:00) and a morning [June 21] (8:00-12:00) for remediation.  And, it’s important to remind everyone that the purpose of remediation is to provide a second (or third or fourth) opportunity for students to demonstrate their skill and knowledge. ”

“Remediation is not for students to complete, months later, assignments that were not completed the first time around (except for in extenuating circumstances).  We do have students who have a habit of waiting to complete work until June.  These WIN blocks will empower both students and staff to complete and assess work in a more timely and appropriate manner.  In other words, some students will not be permitted to complete assignments, for the first time, from much earlier in the year.”

Administrators said students should check TeacherEase to monitor updated grades and sign up for WIN blocks using Adaptive Scheduler on PowerSchool.

Families should look for an email each Thursday identifying which WIN blocks their students have signed up for. “If they haven’t signed up, please encourage them to do so.  They have the ability to self-direct their learning and assign themselves to a teacher.”

Parents and students with questions should reach out to teachers.