Intersession fun day a hit!


Andrew Pollack

Jan. 28th 2022

Rock painting, poetry, karaoke, charades, basketball, juggling, prom dress sorting — Concord High School students are taking part in a myriad of activities during today’s Intersession Day.

In one classroom, students are sprawled out on the carpet, carefully piecing together puzzles. The desks are out of sight, aligned in the hallway: a sign that an atypical form of learning is occurring.

In the Orange Carpet Area, students are waving their hands in the air as two of their peers sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” and dance to the rhythm. One floor above, students sit in a circle and laugh as they hear one student’s portrayal of Olaf from Frozen.

There is a noticeable shift in the atmosphere at Concord High School today. Rather than trudging from one midterm to the next, students are outwardly joyful and engaging in creative and interesting activities vastly different from what they are accustomed to.

They are discovering hobbies, connecting with new people, and letting go of the traditional day-to-day academic pressures.

Photo by Alyson Holt
Photo by Andrew Pollack
Photo by Sarah West
Photo by Jen Charleston
Photo by Sarah West
Photo by Andrew Pollack