ROPE finishes strong


Matt Skoby

Left to right: ROPE students Elliott Pollard, Odeyi Kizungu, Maria Ruelas, Ben Bourgault, Jackson Conway, Pishan Thatal and Binash Tamang

ROPE was able to run all of its trips this year despite the pandemic on four Saturdays during Semester 1 and four Saturdays during Semester 2.

“Matt Skoby and I, with other volunteers including Phil Clarner and Alyson Holt, operated day trips only. Normally we camp overnight,” said ROPE teacher Frank Harrison.

“Students and parents provided transport to and from our destinations and kids were great at wearing masks at trailheads.”

ROPE’s last trip was the Bike Trek.  “We were dropped off in Andover, New Hampshire, and rode about 35 miles back to Concord High School this past Saturday,” said Harrison.

According to the Program of Studies, ROPE stands for Reaching Our Potential in Education: “Students will engage in rigorous outdoor activities to successfully demonstrate teamwork, community service, and wilderness survival skills. Students will participate in rock climbing, trail construction, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures. Fundraising events and four weekend trips (announced in advance) are required to pass the course. ROPE students will experience mental and physical challenges designed to bring out their personal best.”