In-school SATs next Tuesday


Close to 1 million students nationally have registered for the free Khan Academy SAT test prep program.

Several hundred Concord High School students will take school day SATs Tuesday, April 9, from 7:45 12 p.m.
CHS juniors take this SAT exam for free each year instead of another standardized test. A few sophomores and seniors also sign up.
This year’s SAT will be slightly different from the past. The exam will be taken on a Chromebooks instead of on paper.
In the past, the SAT test was taken mostly by people seeking college admission. Today’s test can also help students decide what they might want to do in other ways after high school.
“I think if you have to take a state test its useful to take a SAT test because it’s useful for college and career and they’re trying to change it for not just college,” said Commons A Assistant Principal Tom Crumrine, the administrator in charge of administering the school day test here at CHS.
Junior Autumn Nudd said she’s concerned about the switch from a paper to Chromebook-based exam. “When we are doing it on papers, we can underline the sentences and write down our notes. Even though we can type out notes on computers, the math part, like drawing stuff, still works better on paper, to me personally.”
Classmate Jackie Buteau has a different view. “Even though everyone is so against it, I feel like it is faster when you do the test online. It can go through quicker than filling the papers.”
Senior Jeffery Emmons, who took the SAT exam last year, said, “I think both of them are good. Maybe different people are more used to the one over another . Personally I prefer it on paper because that’s how I used to do it.”
However, he added, “The way you take the test won’t really affect your score, it’s how you prepare for it that truly matters.”
SAT’s have been around since 1958.