Team 1721 Is going to the 'ship!


A love of robotics was able to get Team 1721, Concord High School’s Tidal Force, close to the FIRST robotics championships next week.
But love isn’t enough to cover costs, so students have put a tremendous amount of work into raising $8,000 to make it down to St. Louis over April break.
As of today they have already $7,604 but donations are still welcome.
To contribute to the team, visit
The $8,000 covers “$5000 just to get into the competition” plus bus tickets for 17 of the 33 enrolled students, including three Merrimack Valley High students, stated Brennan Macaig, the team captain.
The championship is set to take place in St. Louis April 26-29.
When asked what he thought their chance were, Macaig said Team 1721 has “the best climbing record in NE ” and that members hope to make it to at least the quarter finals.
Macaig has gone above and beyond to make this dream of competing at the world championship happen for his team.
The CHS senior explains how anyone can join the team as long as a student brings dedication and compassion.
“We meet every day for six weeks including weekends,” says Macaig. “Immediately after school till 7:30-8 p.m.”
Macaig created a video on the GoFundMe page where he talks about the commitment every member has shown throughout the season.
Fellow CHS students talk about how the team is like family and how much they love their team.
Participants explore robotics but also they develop skills in science, technology, teamwork, commitment and, above all, friendship.