Playing to win


Freshman Tyler Bruns follows through on a first tee shot on the 10th hole at Pembroke Pines Country Club during a Sept. 22 practice session.The overall shot length caused him to see a run in with the trees, causing the need for a dropped ball and added penalty stroke that led to a double bogey that didn’t stop him from staying positive and composed as he continued onto the following hole. The Crimson Tide played at Souhegan Woods Golf Club the next day and won against Winnacunnet. Tournament play just concluded with individual players Matthew LaTourette, Trevor Moore and Hayley Reed placing in post-season competition. Reed came in 6th at Campbell’s Scottish Highlands Golf Club in Salem Oct. 3. LaTourette tied for 12th and Moore tied for 24th at Hanover Country Club Oct. 8.
Freshmen Logan Galloway and Bruns head their separate ways as they amble down the fairway of the 11th hole at Pembroke Pines in search of their golf balls, each about to face their third shot on the challenging par 4 that consists of a continuous water hazard along the left hand side of the hole. Galloway found himself looking to make a birdie after making a miraculous recovery from what would be seen as an impossible shot by most. Fighting a downhill lie from inside the hazard, Galloway managed to make the shot look simple as the ball shot out from danger and landed easily on the front of the green,rolling up to a position near the pin that allowed for a birdie opportunity. Bruns soon found his own ball sitting  in the sand trap at the front right of the green after mishitting his second shot.
Said Wiffi Smith, an American professional golfer who played on the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA), “On the course, what is feared is like a magnet. Water, bunkers, trees, ravines, high grass – whatever you fear turns magnetic.” This was the case for Bruns as he found himself facing a bunker shot on the 11th hole at Pembroke Pines. The sand traps here offer a challenge with deep sand similar to that found at New Hampshire beaches. The sand can trap a ball and can soon become a player’s worst nightmare if the shot is not executed fully or correctly. Shots from sand traps is a skill that Tide coach Ed Deshaies teaches during practice but these still cause many conflicts in players’ rounds throughout a season. After searching along the right side of the fairway for his off-target ball, Bruns caught sight of it inside the sand trap and then stood over it, analyzing his options. He got the ball  out of the bunker but deceleration in his follow through caused the ball to land softly in the rough. Bruns walked away with a bogey on his scorecard.
Most of the Crimson Tide Golf team regrouped on the 18th green as last players  proceeded toward the tee. Everyone waited in suspense to see the results, chatting excitedly as they predicted the outcome of who would prove their ability to play in the next day’s match. At the end of the day, Connor Daniels came emerged victorious, taking the eighth spot from Galloway,who finished a stroke behind.
Evan Makris and Daniels make their way to the bus on their way to the match at Souhegan Woods Golf Course in Amherst Sept. 23.  Anxiety ran high in these two as Makris is a freshman with little experience in competitive golf and Daniels recalled the disappointment he’d displayed at his last match score, a 55, at Atkinson Country Club. Nervous chatter filled the bus for the full 40 minute ride to the course, where Concord handed Winnacunnet its first loss of the season.