Spring sports welcome all


Sophia Regan

Unified track athletes began practices indoors a few weeks ago, when weather was still cold and blustery. Here the team prepares for a drill in the Orange Carpeted Area.

It’s officially spring time here at Concord High School, and spring sports are kicking off!

Sports are a fun way to meet new people and to experience being part of a team. 

Having people you enjoy seeing and talking to can be a huge motivator to put your all into a sport, turning practices and competitions into truly enjoyable experience. 

Tennis is one sport that has gained a lot of new members this year. Carl Sirriana, a sophomore on the boy’s tennis team, mentions the program’s atmosphere as a draw. “It’s pretty chill. It’s a great environment. Love all the people, you know, great coach.”

The tennis team is a welcoming group, he said. “You really just get to know the people there. It’s great. You love doing it.”

Unified track also provides many students new opportunities and a chance to take on the new season.

Volunteer Makayla Root describes her team as “a program where kids with disabilities or special needs, and kids who don’t [have them], get together, learn a new sport, have fun and really be a part of the community.”

Unified track “just makes the kids feel comfortable and get the best experience possible,” said Root, “to make them feel welcomed in the community.”

Doing a spring sport this season is a fun way to stay active, hang with friends and be involved.