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Behind the scenes at the Deerfield Fair

Mornings come early to farmers showing livestock at the annual Deerfield Fair, New England's oldest family fair and an event that this year celebrated its 140th anniversary. The four-day fair draws a number of Concord High School students, including some who work for their family farms or help staff concession booths that keep thousands of visitors fed from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. three days out of f…

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Yelena Beausoleil

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    Celebrate the pen
    “It took 60 years and 3 inventors for the ballpoint pen and the ballpoint pen to be made of a metal ball of ink,” ac
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    "Hey" you
    It’s Friday night, and you and your girlfriends decide to watch your high school’s hockey team take on another
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    Let's cheer the cheerleaders for once
    It’s Sunday afternoon at Pinkerton Academy. Judges check the blue mats for hair pins. Team moms hang posters and
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    Not worth it
    When you think of a school fundraiser, what comes to mind? Maybe a couple of kids at a bake sale or some going door-to-d
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    Count the hours
    15,120 hours of grade school. 2,160 nights of homework. 840 tests. 410 classmates. Uncountable selfies. Infinite memorie
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    Help the homeless
    The streets of Concord can be seen as lively, diverse and beautiful, particularly in the last few weeks with trees and p


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Heads Up

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    Apply now
    It’s the beginning of April and that means graduation for seniors is only 9 weeks away. Now is the time for seniors to
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    Scholarships announced June 2
    CHS seniors will find out Tuesday, June 2, if they have won local scholarships in addition to academic honors. The ann
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    See Miss Saigon
    Concord High School’s production of the school version of Miss Saigon is fast approaching. The production will run 
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    Yes we can
    15,000 cans to make hundreds of hearts happy: this is the donation goal for Concord High School’s annual canned
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    Lip Sync looms
    Spanish is widely considered a language of  love and passion, making it the perfect language of music and dance. That&
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    UN Club headed to Fisher Cats game May 16
    This year the UN Club at Concord High School raised more than $ 400 to take 50 New American students to a Fisher Cats 


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    Yes, you are tired
    Several recent studies, cited in articles published in the New York Times and Washington Post and by the National
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    CHS Equestrian season opens
    The Concord High School Equestrian Club team will participate in its first competition Sunday, April 19, at Townsend&#
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    Pay for grades?
    In the academic world today, there are an abundance of ways in which teachers and parents try to motivate their students
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    Connolly all wet
    Principal Gene Connolly recently filmed his own Ice Bucket Challenge dousing — see video below — with the he
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    Students react to Senior Parking crackdown
    As seniors are going into their last quarter of high school, more and more become frustrated with finding a spot in seni
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    Seniors: Try to relax
    For some high school seniors, there’s no reason to watch the mailbox for envelopes from colleges. “After I g

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