Robotics Club gearing up for spring FIRST competition


Tidal Force 1721

Robotics Club members preparing for last year’s competition. Tidal Force 1721 named its entry Burnt Toaster.

The Tidal Force 1721 Robotics Club space outside Commons D is bustling with activity these days as members prepare for a March 24-26 FIRST competition at the University of New Hampshire.

Right now the club meets daily to build, tests and refine its latest robot in response to this year’s CHARGE UP challenge, which inspires students “to see the potential of energy storage in a new light as they compete to charge up their communities. Using renewable energy can transform our communities, but only if it is effectively stored and delivered to those who need it,” according to a Jan. 7 press release from FIRST.

Tidal Force 1721, like other teams around the world, has a six-week build season and a two-month competition season. The team is holding driver tryouts next week (Feb. 7 and 8) and creating a robot reveal video the week after (Feb. 14-17).

As stated on its website, “Tidal Force aims to develop well-rounded and passionate engineers, and inspire the greater Concord community with STEM education. We give our students opportunities outside of technical development, such as business and human resources management, social media, community outreach, strategy, collaboration, and media production.”

Any CHS student with an interest in STEM can join. No experience is required. All that the club members ask is that you are willing to work.

2022’s Burnt Toaster in action.

The current leaders of the club are Captain Matt Sedutto and Assistant Captain Laura Lorenze. Sedutto has been on the team for seven years and is currently a junior at CHS. Lorenze has been on time for four years, and she is currently a sophomore.

Not only does the team create an incredible robot to participate in the FRC competition every year, but Tidal Force 1721 is also a non-profit student-run group. Each year members of the group reach out to different companies/organizations for sponsorship and other assistance.

Current sponsors, according to the team’s website, include the Army National Guard, Concord High School, Eldridge, Gene Haas Foundation, the Sedutto family, the Smykil family, the Spain family, and Walker Lecture Series. 

The Concord High Robotics team is an excellent opportunity for anyone. This club can give you a group of friends throughout High School while also allowing you to learn new things and get real-world experience in programming and engineering, business, scouting, community outreach, and media.

For contact information, or to express interest in joining the club, a Contact Page lists email addresses for the team and captain.