Meet Winston


Erin Martel

Students often play with Winston to help tire him out.

Concord High School has a dog in residence once more.

Winston, a Maltipoo, found a home with CHS Principal Michael Reardon in November. Over the summer, Reardon’s former dog, Peanut — beloved on campus — died of old age.

Peanut was often a stress reliever for many. Students and staff had gotten so used to having a furry friend within the school that Reardon decided to get another little fuzzball to pick up where Peanut left off. 

Winston is not fully grown yet, but when he is, he will only be 20 pounds at most. He is a hypoallergenic dog who is very fluffy. 

“He is very cute but he’s very rowdy. He likes to bite and pee on the floor,” said Ella Denney, a senior who comes into the office to play with him often. 

Winston is also very smart. He recently got an enrichment toy where he has to move things to get to treats. He continues to work on potty-training and learning tricks. 

Junior Deklan Davis, who often visits Winston in the office, says that he “doesn’t have words to describe Winston.” 

Lisa Lamb, administrative assistant to the principal, is actually the one who found him for Reardon. 

Now one of her goals is to help Winston achieve more consistency in his day to aid with training. “I think he is a good addition to the high school. I can’t believe how many kids come in and see him. But he needs consistency. I’m actually going to start working with NHS [National Honor Society] on a schedule to try to have people get some community service hours when they’re not in class, to come down and help take him out. It would be good.”  

Students interested in getting to know Winston are welcome to help tire him out.