Consider position when choosing a basketball shoe


Richard Martin

The Jordan 36 is a great shoe for small forwards.

The Trae Young 1 basketball shoe is one of the best (if not the best) shoe for point guards.

While it is a low top shoe, it gives the support needed for the foot and ankle. The traction is amazing though I recommend wiping the bottom after playing because dust build up will make the traction less effective.

The materials are comfortable but durable. The upper is made of a basic TPU-fused mesh which is a very good material for the upper.  They cost less than most signature shoes and they have a unique lacing system that makes them easy to put on and off while also not slipping off your foot. And they look great especially given all the different color options.

There is a downside, though: the sizing for this shoe is weird. You should definitely get these in a store so you can try on different sizes.

The price for this shoe starts between $80-$110 but can run upwards of $300.

The Kyrie 7’s are great for shooting guards and for point guards. You could swap these with the Trae Young 1’s if you liked the fit on these better, or if you play on outdoor courts more.

The traction is slightly worse on the Kyrie 7’s and they aren’t as durable. The Kyrie 7 is a very comfortable shoe and has great support. If you have ankle problems these may be the shoe for you. They have good traction indoor but outdoor they don’t perform so well.

The sizing on these are good usually you can get your normal size in Nike and be fine but go a half size down if you like your basketball shoes tighter.

Lastly the material on these are good but kind of struggle outdoors; that’s why they are recommended as an indoor shoe.  Kyrie 7’s are a fairly cheap shoe that won’t break the bank. This shoe comes in around $130.

The Jordan 36 is the best shoe for small forwards.

The full length strobe unit and extra forefoot air unit make it super comfortable. The leno weave upper reduces the weight of the shoe a lot while also keeping the support needed. The sizing makes this shoe not great for wide feet but the support this shoe gives is great. It holds your foot and ankle in place very well especially with how light this shoe is.

The traction is good but I keep finding that I need to wipe the bottom of my shoe more often than others.

Durability isn’t amazing; these shoes will last but not as long as others. Lastly they are a higher priced shoe so keep that in mind before buying. This shoe goes for about $185 but with how good this shoe is it’s reasonable.

The Nike Lebron 20 is the best shoe for power forwards. The grip on this shoe is amazing. The midsole is a full-length cushion with a forefoot zoom turbo unit and a standard zoom air unit in the heel. The comfortable upper is pretty durable. The upper is made of a Nike sphere material and a double layered woven thread which gives the shoe its lightweight durable feel, but this shoe lacks in the ventilation department.

The colorways on this shoe look amazing. This shoe is great for bigger forwards who need support but also lightweight shoes that will last. This shoe is lightweight which is nice to see from a lebron shoe, but this shoe is more on the expensive side so keep that in mind. They come in at around $200 but the shoes are definitely worth it.

The best basketball shoe for a center is the Kyrie 8 Infinity. I know it’s weird seeing this shoe is designed for guards but this shoe is amazing for support and cushioning which are arguably the most important for centers. This shoe has Nike’s dynamic strap system which is amazing for support and keeping your foot secured in the shoe.

This shoe has a forefoot zoom strobel unit and a standard unit for the heel which makes this shoe very comfortable. The upper is made of a lightweight synthetic material which makes the shoe breathable and durable. It also has suede and leather on the heel which makes the heel sturdier and gives the shoe a nice look.

The colorways on this shoe are great and plenty of options to choose from. The traction on this shoe is very good too. Lastly this shoe is affordable and a great price for the quality of the shoe. The price for this shoe is around $140.