Apply soon for CRTC Theater & Film program


Keegan Johnson

A view from the wings of the stage in the auditorium shows students preparing for their upcoming production of The Laramie Project.

Not every Concord High student knows that life behind the curtains is still exciting as it is on stage.

Setting up stage lights and working a sound board are just two of the jobs handled by theater technicians, many of whom are students in the Concord Regional Technical Center’s Theater & Film program.

One strand in the course is dedicated to lighting, sound, costuming, set construction and more. There’s also an acting strand for students who want to appear on stage.

In the CRTC class dedicated to tech, students also learn how to do special effects makeup, including fake wounds, cuts, and bruises.

Student work will be on display during this week’s production of The Laramie Project, which runs Friday and Saturday nights, Jan. 20 and 21, beginning at 7 p.m. in McAuliffe Auditorium.

Props and set pieces Theater & Film students have made for the play include logs of wood, really painted cardboard tubes, and a western-type fence.

Hanging lights and managing a sound board can look and sound a bit scary at first but CRTC teacher Clint Klose guides students through learning to master the technology.

The film side of the course focuses on the creation of shows and movies. Students learn how to manage cameras and tripods during shooting and to edit using Adobe Premiere.

Any student eager to join the program should plan on submitting a CRTC application by Feb. 25. Applications may be accepted after this date, but there’s less of a chance of getting in.