End-of-year info for seniors


Lisa Lamb

Memorial Field will be set up exactly like this on June 18, with each seat taken by a robed graduate.

The following information is also available in Parent/StudentSquare. Seniors: please be sure to take your time and read through all details.  If you have questions that are not answered, please contact me at [email protected].

Graduation will take place at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 18, at Memorial Field (weather permitting). The ceremony lasts for approximately two hours.

Students need to arrive by 9:15 a.m. with caps and robes in hand.

What happens if we have inclement weather?  We won’t.  I won’t allow it.  However, I don’t always get what I want.  The plan is for this to be determined the day/evening prior to June 18.  If the weather is not appropriate for an outdoor ceremony, it will be held in the CHS gymnasium.

How many people can attend?  The sky’s the limit ONLY if the ceremony is held outside at Memorial Field.  Should we need to hold an indoor ceremony, each graduate will receive three tickets when they pick up their graduation packages. An indoor ceremony will be live-streamed so ALL family and friends can watch from the comfort of home.

Is there a formal graduation rehearsal? No. (Yippee, yahoo!) We will send out a “What to expect on graduation day” video prior to graduation day.  This approach has worked well in the past, eliminating the need for a rehearsal.

Where do I pick up my graduation package, including my cap and gown?  On Friday, June 10, graduating seniors will pick up their graduation regalia in Learning Commons A once they have completed their sign-out paperwork. Take good care of your graduation package, which also includes your tassel, stole and those three tickets for an indoor ceremony in the event of  inclement weather. If we have extra tickets available, we will send out a message on  Parent/StudentSquare.

Can I decorate my graduation cap? Absolutely!  School appropriate, of course.

What can I wear to graduation? Please remember that this is a formal event. Your attire must respect the formality of a graduation ceremony.  You may choose any of the following appropriate attire: a collared shirt and tie with pants or skirt, a spring dress, or a skirt or slacks with a dressy shirt.  JEANS, SHORTS AND RIPPED PANTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

What else can I wear as graduation regalia?  Only school-issued academic regalia can be worn. Examples: NHS tassel, Tri-M cord, NHAS tassel.

What should I do with my gown once I get it home?  Hang it up! Please take it out of the bag, try it on and then hang it up so the wrinkles can be released.  Hanging it in a bathroom is best.

Keep scrolling for parking and picture-taking information, which appears at the end of this list of FAQ.

The last day of school for seniors is Friday, June 10.

If you have not passed a course required for graduation by June 10, speak to your Commons Assistant Principal immediately. Only your Commons Assistant Principal or CHS Principal can approve any plans beyond June 10.  You must speak directly with them.

How will I know if I failed a required course? Your school counselor will contact your parents to inform them of the unmet graduation requirement(s).

Can I still participate in Graduation if I have not met all of my graduation requirements? No. You are invited to attend the graduation ceremony that follows the completion of your graduation requirements (next year).

Seniors must fill out a sign-out form. This is a form all seniors must complete and submit in order to receive a cap and gown. These forms will be provided during an Advisory period. They are also available in each commons.

The senior sign-out form requires signatures to prove that you’ve done the following:

  • Return library materials to the Media Center
  • Return Chromebook and charger to Help Desk
  • Complete Senior Survey

If you have lost a library book, speak with a librarian. Library staff members will help. Don’t just ignore it in hopes the issue disappears.

If you have damaged or lost a Chromebook, don’t be shy: go speak with people at the Help Desk. They will help you explore options.

Where do people park on graduation day? Memorial Field is ONLY available to those who have a state issued disable placard.  On-street parking and the CHS parking lot have plenty of parking availability.

Will there be professional photos taken on graduation day? Art Swenson Photography will photograph each graduating senior on graduation day. All photos will be posted on his website: www.artswensonphotography.com.

Students/Parents/Guardians can buy images and have them mailed directly to their home. The password for the CHS Graduation gallery access will be CHS2022. All orders placed within the first week following graduation will ship for free.

Are there any arrangements made for guests with special needs?
 Golf cart service from the Memorial Field parking lot to on-field seating will be available at the start and end of the graduation ceremony.

If you have family members who for medical reasons need to be out of direct sunlight or cannot climb the bleacher stairs, report to the Main Office as soon as possible. Tickets for under-the-tent seating are available, but space is limited. These tickets MUST be shown at the gate to the in-field on graduation day. Also, under-the-tent ticket information is not recorded, so don’t lose these tickets. They cannot be replaced.

Every graduate will be provided with a bottle of water. Most likely it will be hot and sunny and we do not want our graduates to dehydrate. Bottles of water will be placed under graduates’ chairs on the field.

Other than a silenced cellphone, all personal items should be left in your car or at home.  

What happens after the graduation ceremony ends? Time to celebrate safely!! Once all graduates have marched off the field, you are free to go. Your cap and gown is yours to keep.  Please plan ahead on where you will you meet family and friends once you leave the field.