Corner Cafe a hit with all


Linda Lawson

Carrie Wyatt may be wearing a mask but students and staff can still see her smiling eyes as she deftly serves customer after customer at the Corner Cafe.

Carrie Wyatt runs the Corner Cafe in the cafeteria each morning usually by herself, serving up to 100 students between the moment school opens until its closing time of 10:30 a.m.

“Before school starts in the morning, the cafe gets chaotic as it’s one of the only times students can get coffee in the morning,” Wyatt said.

The menu has a good variety of drinks that both students and teachers alike can get comfortable with whether it’s just a regular cup of coffee, tea, or any of the special flavors that may only be available exclusively for that day.

The menu options are fairly cheap as well, with any small drink costing around $1.50, and a medium drink only costing $1.75, which can be a much cheaper alternative compared to other coffee shops.

Customers like special educator Diane Liz might visit the cafe daily to get their morning caffeine. “The coffee is tasty, the cafe is clean, and the service is awesome!”

Menu items can range from caramel, toffee, and brownie iced coffee flavors to strawberry shortcake, white chocolate chip, and cinnamon sticky bun hot coffee flavors. Students can also buy fresh brewed tea or iced tea.

Senior Kevin Jones stops by for a cup. (Linda Lawson)

“It’s so convenient to get a cup of coffee  in the morning on my way to class.” said English teacher Jill Dater. “Other teachers in other schools are so jealous that we have this available to us.”

Junior Kaitlyn Russell said she enjoys it too. “I think it’s a good addition to the school and gives students a different variety of food options besides the typical free school food.”

“Growing up in the 80s and 90s I never even thought about coffee,” said science teacher Tom Crumrine. “I saw my mom and other old people like my grandparents drink it but I never wanted it. And I never thought that I would someday want coffee even when I grew up. In college no one drank coffee.”

Some of the students also like to just say hi to Wyatt when they start their morning, as it’s always nice to see a friendly face. It’s especially nice to know there’s an easy backup plan for anyone who runs out of coffee at home.