Concrete dreams


Shumbu Emmable

Malik Lee and friends wearing their Project Concrete gear.

The motivational Project Concrete clothing brand created by Concord High senior Shumbu Emmable has grown a huge fan base here at the school.

“I want to inspire people to become their best selves and do that through the message I put out,” said Emmable, who first drew widespread interest by hanging posters with inspirational quotes throughout the school.

So far Project Concrete has dropped hoodies in two color combinations: one black and white, and the latest brown and pink. These $40 hoodies sold fast among students and teachers.

Griffin Watts models his Project Concrete hoodie

The uplifting messages tell people they can do anything, in keeping with the brand’s mission to motivate kids and adults to always be their best selves through hard work, commitment and the ability to be willing to learn something new.

“I came up with the name Project Concrete because it used to be more of a brand that represented me but became much bigger. The concrete part represents hardship, malnourishment and something that isn’t appreciated and people walk over it and don’t appreciate it when it’s there,” Ammable said.

“The concrete represents a place that is looked at as a place that has nothing good to come from but it becomes something inspiring.”

Just this week, on CHS Live, Emmable and Jacque Tunguru — regular presenters on the broadcast —  announced that t-shirts have been added to the clothing line and are available for $25 apiece.

Emmable said his brand is his way of showing actions are better than words.

Seniors Shumbu Emmable and Malik Lee celebrate custodian Wendy Kingsbury’s Project Concrete sweatshirt

He said he stumbled upon videos by entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn while scrolling through YouTube recommendations.

“I’ve always wanted a brand but I’ve never really taken action and Jim Rohn inspired me. He is a mentor to me and is my biggest inspiration and is a leader of sorts.”

Emmable plans to build his clothing line to include crop tops for girls, swim trunks, sweatpants, international shipping, trucker caps and much more.

“This brand means everything to me and in order for it to grow I have to grow myself. It takes discipline because I have to be smart with my money,” he said.

Project Concrete’s brown and pink hoodies sold out within roughly 2 weeks.

People can follow Project Concrete on Instagram, Facebook @Shumbu Emmable (ProjectConcrete) and on Snapchat @otmtakeover. A website is under development.