2022 MLB season predictions


The 2022 MLB Season should be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Andrew’s 2022 MLB season predictions

Right around the time this article publishes, Chicago Cubs Starting Pitcher Kyle Hendricks will be throwing the first pitch of the 2022 Major League Baseball season at Wrigley Field in Chicago. 

A lot has changed since the last MLB pitch was thrown to end the 2021 World Series, including a 99-day lockout, not one, but two free agent and trade blitzes and many different rule changes that may alter, but mostly improve the game we knew before the lockout. 

Before I share my predictions for the 2022 Major League Baseball season, let me say a few things. 

  1. I have few qualifications for making these predictions besides watching a lot of baseball.
  2. I won’t put any win-loss records for these predictions, but I will put my thoughts for playoff seeding (I will elaborate later).
  3. These are just predictions, so please don’t take them too seriously.

Alright now that that’s out of the way. Let’s go!


Havin’ fun in the sun!

  1. Dodgers

    • Quick Summary: This team is going to be really, really good, as it always is. Signing Freddie Freeman was their biggest splash of the offseason but Los Angeles also resigned Clayton Kershaw. This will be the best team in baseball in 2022…by a lot. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can Cody Bellinger find his groove and contribute to his team? 
  2. Giants

    • Quick Summary: After a surprising 2021 where San Francisco finished with the best record in the National League, the Giants didn’t really make a lot of changes over the offseason. They did sign 2021 All-Star starting pitcher Carlos Rodon, which will surely improve the pitching. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Was 2021 a fluke, or is this Giants team for real?
  3. Padres

    • Quick Summary: The Padres had a, lets face it, disappointing 2021. They started off hot, but the injury bug bit them and they lost the spark down the stretch. They made a few trades, but for the most part remained the same team they did before.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: When will Fernando Tatis Jr. come back? He will undoubtedly help the Padres, but by the time he gets back from his back injury will it be too little too late?
  4. Rockies

    • Quick Summary: Their biggest move of the offseason was signing Kris Bryant to a huge seven-year contract. To be honest, they didn’t improve a whole lot besides that, but be on the lookout for the Rockies to improve their farm system with some deadline deals.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: What will Kris Bryant do? Will he become frustrated in a rebuilding Colorado franchise or will be take advantage of the Coors Field effect and make a run for a silver slugger award?
  5. Diamondbacks

    • Quick Summary: The Diamondbacks finished with the worst record in the National League in 2021, and I don’t think it’ll be much different this year. They signed Ketel Marte to a very team-friendly contract, but haven’t done much besides that. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: What up with Mad-Bum? Madison Bumgarner has shown signs of brilliance, but can he find it again in 2022?


Mostly the same situation as last year.

  1. Brewers

    • Quick Summary: The Brewers had a great 2021, winning the NL Central with a comfortable lead, but they faltered in the playoffs. They didn’t change a whole lot but it worked for them last year so they’ll do it again this year in a mostly-rebuilding NL Central division.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can the pitching hold up? The Brewers have one of the best starting staffs in the league but will injuries catch up with them?
  2. Cardinals

    • Quick Summary: The Cardinals made a really good push last year but couldn’t catch the Brewers at the top of the division. But the team is most the same as last year. Lookout for the pitching, similar to the Brewers, to take this team into a playoff push in September.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can Albert Pujols run it back one more time for his old team? It would be awesome to see Albert have a really good year, especially with the new NL Designated Hitter rule providing him daily at-bats. Also, can Jordan Hicks take over the crown as the MLB’s Premier Flamethrower?
  3. Cubs

    • Quick Summary: The Cubs lost Javy Baez to the Tigers and Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees, but added starter Marcus Stroman and signed Seiya Suzuki, who signed the biggest MLB contract for a Japanese player.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Did Clint Frazier just need a new start? He’ll get a lot of starts for the Cubs so I’m excited to see what he can do with a new team in a new city.
  4. Pirates

    • Quick Summary: The Pirates will certainly have a rebuilding year, but O’Neill Cruz, Cole Tucker and Ke’Bryan Hayes will make headlines and 2022 a not-completely-lost year.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: The Pirates will keep their youngsters, but could we see some of their older players traded at the deadline? Names that come to mind include Jose Quintana, Bryan Reynolds and Roberto Perez. 
  5. Reds

    • Quick Summary: After a decent 2020 in the shortened season, Cincinnati couldn’t keep the pace in 2021. They began the post-lockout blitz with an old-fashioned firesale, focusing on their future instead of the present.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Who else will get traded? Joey Votto may exercise his no-trade clause and prefer to stay in Southwest Ohio, but there are a lot of teams who may look at Luis Castillo at the deadline.


The Mets are back, baby!

  1. Mets

    • Quick Summary: Max Scherzer is going to be paid over $40 million this year and next year. That is all I have to say. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Please, please, please let Jacob DeGrom be healthy. In fact that goes for the entire Mets team. This is a good team, but the risk of injuries is perhaps greater than any other team. If the Mets stay healthy, as with any team really, they’ll go far.
  2. Braves

    • Quick Summary: Losing Freddie Freeman was a huge blow to the offense and the morale of the Braves team. Atlanta traded for Matt Olson from the Braves but gave up a whole lot to get him. Then they extended him for eight-years. They did grab Kenley Jansen from the Dodgers, but that’s about it.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can this team keep its pace from last year? I need not say it is difficult to repeat World Series victories in consecutive years, but it is. I don’t think they can go all the way this year, but I want to see them back in the playoffs again. And Ronald Acuna Jr. will be just as good as everyone says he is.
  3. Phillies

    • Quick Summary: The Phillies didn’t add much to their below-average pitching this offseason, but chose to continue to add to the offense. I really, really want to like the Phillies chances at a playoffs run this year but I think they’ll face the exact same problem they have in previous years: Pitching Burnout. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: My question, same as everyone else’s question, is can the pitching be consistent? If this team’s pitching is anywhere near league-average, the offense will carry it right into the playoffs. But that is a BIG if.
  4. Marlins/Nationals

    • Quick Summary: I’m going to combine these two teams here because they are kind of the same in terms of build and projections for 2022. Both teams should be sellers at the deadline. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can they make significant progress with the on-field product, enough to put them in a position to contend in 2023 or 2024? Also, can the Nationals lock up Juan Soto for life (metaphorically, of course)?


A very, very expensive offseason.

  1. Astros

    • Quick Summary: As with every year, this is an easy pick for first in the AL West and probably one of the best records in the American League. The Astros didn’t bring back Correa, but hopefully Justin Verlander can return to his former self. Really, this team is mostly the same, and thus I will expect them to perform the same as they have in the past few years. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can they find someone to put at shortstop? Correa leaving created a huge hole in the Astros’ infield, so can they find someone to plug the gap?’
  2. Mariners

    • Quick Summary: We saw a sneak preview of this team’s potential last year. If it wasn’t for their very cold streak early in the 2021 season, I think the M’s would’ve made the playoffs. If the Mariners don’t make the playoffs this year, they will be very close.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Is their team too young? We don’t ask that a lot, but there isn’t a lot of experience on the Mariners right now and I’m unsure if they can handle the ups and downs of a full season.
  3. Rangers

    • Quick Summary: The Rangers won the pre-lockout offseason by signing both Corey Seager and Marcus Semien to huge deals worth over $500 million combined. The post-lockout offseason didn’t provide much for headlines.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Did they really improve? I still don’t really believe in their current pitching staff but it may surprise us. 
  4. Angels

    • Quick Summary: This team wants to be good, and they should be good, but they won’t be good. They didn’t do much over the offseason, and they’ll have the same year they did last year.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can Mike Trout stay healthy and what history Shohei Ohtani make this year?
  5. Athletics

    • Quick Summary: This will be similar to my Reds predictions. Just a true firesale. Manaea to the Padres, Chapman to the Blue Jays and Olson to the Braves. This team is going to have a tough year, but I’ll admit the future is bright.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Will Frankie Montas be traded? My guess is yes, but when and to what team are the question.

AL Central

This division probably improved the most out of the entire league.

  1. White Sox

    • Quick Summary: The White Sox are planning to bring back most the same team they did last year with the addition of outfielder AJ Pollock. Their pitching will be really good if they can stay healthy.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: TBH, I don’t really have any questions because it is a pretty complete team. One thing I will say about the White Sox is that they are probably the most balanced team in the American League. They can pitch, hit and field at above average levels. Should be fun to watch.
  2. Twins

    • Quick Summary: The Twins had one of the most productive offseasons. Signing Carlos Correa, trading for Gary Sanchez, Gio Urshela, and (being announced as I’m writing this) Chris Paddack, certainly improved this team that had a rough 2021.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Will Correa fit in, or rather, will he like it in Minnesota? He has an opt-out after every year for a reason and its a longshot, but if the Twins season goes really downhill he could become trade bait at the deadline. 
  3. Tigers

    • Quick Summary: Detroit signed Javy Baez to a six-year deal and gained Austin Meadows but didn’t do much to improve the pitching. This is the definition of a middle-of-the-pack team. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Keep an eye on Miguel Cabrera. Feels like he’ll announce his retirement tour will take place this year. 
  4. Royals

    • Quick Summary: Signed Zack Greinke and that’s about it. Not a very eventful offseason. It’ll be an average year for them.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Bobby Witt Jr.. Kansas City announced he will begin the season on the opening day roster, so the MLB #2 prospect will certainly get playing time. We’ve been waiting for a new era to begin with the Royals since 2016 and I think it just begun.
  5. Guardians

    • Quick Summary: It was announced last night that Jose Ramirez has agreed to a five-year extension which in my opinion is great for Jose, great for Cleveland and really great for the game of baseball. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: I don’t think this will be quite the year for the Guardians but I’m excited to see how they develop. It’s a young team, but the future is really bright in Cleveland.


This is what you have all been waiting for, and I know it too. While the AL Central may be the most improved division, the AL East will be the most competitive. This will be fun to watch for everyone, except Orioles fans.

  1. Blue Jays

    • Quick Summary: How can I describe how they improved over the offseason? Remember in Back to the Future when Doc said the DeLorean was energy efficient and could fly? That is basically what happened in Toronto over the offseason. Matt Chapman, Yusei Kikuchi and Kevin Gausman joined Vladdy Jr., Cavan Biggio and Bo Bichette in the North. If the Dodgers are at the highest tier in baseball, Toronto is right below them. This is going to be an exciting few years for Toronto fans.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Can the bullpen push this team over the edge? Toronto brought back mostly the same bullpen as last year, the same one that probably caused them to miss a playoff spot. The starting pitching and offense will live up to their lofty expectations but this team can only go far in October with a good bullpen. Watch for them to pursue this heavily at the trade deadline.
  2. Yankees

    • Quick Summary: Grading the Yankees offseason is tough. They didn’t make any of the big moves we thought they would but they still improved compared to the 2021 Yankees. They improved on the defensive side with trades for Isiah Kiner-Falefa and Jose Trevino, but they lost fan favorite Gio Urshela. Aaron Judge hasn’t been extended as of the time of writing but I think he will be by next season.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Listen, this team is still good. They have a bright future with Volpe, Peraza and Dominguez and the rest of the gang down in the minors. Their bullpen will be lights-out as always and the offense should bring the team to at least another playoff berth. The big problem for the Yankees, and the thing to look out for, is can the team stay healthy? We ask this every year, and last year was really the first year where is was mostly true. If the Yankees can keep all their big guys on the field for at least 120 games, this team may be unstoppable.
  3. Red Sox

    • Quick Summary: The Red Sox’s big move was signing Trevor Story to improve the offense. I’m not sure if they’ll play him at 2B with Xander Bogaerts at shortstop, but they’ll find a good way to keep those two in the lineup every day. Devers is still swinging for the fences and J.D. Martinez will probably hit over 35 dingers. 
    • My question/Thing to Watch: The pitching. We know the offense can perform and the defense can keep them in games but it’ll be pitching that decides the Red Sox’s fate. They didn’t improve the bullpen much over the offseason and Chris Sale will be gone for at least three months, so we’ll see how Boston improves its staff because to be honest, I’m not quite sure.
  4. Rays

    • Quick Summary: Didn’t do a whole lot. Signed Corey Kluber and sent away Austin Meadows. That’s about it.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Similar to many teams, the Rays will plan to bring back mostly the same team that they did in 2021. It is still a good team, but I think injuries will catch up to them this year. Tyler Glasnow will likely be out for the season and I’m not sure how Ryan Yarborough’s arm hasn’t fallen off yet. But it’ll be fun to watch Wander Franco, who just signed an eleven-year extension, so I hope he likes Tampa, because he’ll be there for a while. I probably am underrating this Rays team but I feel like their luck and strategy of the past few years has run its course and we could see a rebuild coming soon in West Florida.
  5. Orioles

    • Quick Summary: Not really sure what to say here. Signed Rougie Odor I guess. Pushed back their left field wall so less home runs will be hit against them. Average Orioles offseason.
    • My question/Thing to Watch: Adley Rutschman. The 2019 #1 overall pick will most likely make an appearance on the big league field this year and I can’t wait. This will be the bright spot of the Orioles season but it’ll be so bright you’ll need sunglasses to look at it.

Alright, we’ve made it. That was a lot. Lets run over the playoff predictions real quick before I leave you with one last thing.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the League and the Player’s Union, there will be a new format, 12-team playoff. If you are unfamiliar, CBS Sports did a good job of explaining it. To the playoff predictions!

American League

Seed 1 + 2) Blue Jays and Astros

Wild Cards) Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners and Twins

AL Champion) I’m not really sure.

I want to pick the Blue Jays to go to the World Series but I have a hard time imagining them deep in the playoffs with their current bullpen. The Astros will win the division, but stop there. And the Wild Card teams will be just that, Wild Cards. 

National League

Seed 1 + 2) Dodgers and Brewers

Wild Cards) Mets, Braves, Giants and Cardinals

NL Champion) Dodgers.

This is an easy pick for NL Champ, but the Giants and Cardinals Wild Card picks may come back to haunt me.

General Thoughts on the 2022 Season

I know I just dumped out a huge projection list for the standings and in all likelihood they will be proved incorrect by the All-Star Break. I think this just proves that baseball still has its greatest advantage over other sports leagues: randomness. The season is so long and trying on every team that anything can happen. One thing I know for sure is that it will be fun for everyone. There will be so many good (and hopefully healthy) players that will make this season like no other. Also, the new universal DH rule will create a lot more offense on the field. I’m so excited to see what happens this year in the baseball world, and you should be too.

World Series

Dodgers over whoever comes out of the American League.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who remotely follows baseball. As I mentioned nearly 3000 words ago, I think the Dodgers are, by far, the best team in the league. They can hit, field, pitch and they have the depth to go all the way. And when November rolls around, Los Angeles will hoist the World Series trophy for the second time in 3 years.

“That’s baseball, Suzyn.” – John Sterling