Jump rope relay


Linda Lawson

Rain drove track athletes to practice indoors. Competing for their relay teams, left to right, are Ayva Mullen, Isaiah Turner and Kaylee DelloIacono.

Working on sprint mechanics Thursday, March 24, were sophomore Ayva Mullen, junior Isaiah Turner and freshman Kaylee DelloIacono. The relay exercise “is is a fun, stressful, competitive activity that gets the kids to support and cheer for each other,” said Coach Zach Procek. “As far as track goes, for sprinting, jumping, and hurdling it is important to have good front side mechanics to put power into the ground. To be successful at jump rope relays, a student needs to have good front side mechanics. If their foot trails too far behind them for too long or if they don’t recover high enough in the front they’ll kick the rope or get a little tangled up. It looks really goofy, but it helps a lot with sprint mechanics and it makes the kids competitive but supportive.” Mullen is the current record holder in the triple jump, breaking a CHS record that had stood since the 1970s. She enters this season having won, as a freshman, the title of triple jump D1 state champion.