Not worth it


When you think of a school fundraiser, what comes to mind? Maybe a couple of kids at a bake sale or some going door-to-door with raffle tickets to sell.
Seldom do you hear of a benefit that purposely exploits living things.
In this case it was “Kiss the Pig,” an event people expected to be a fun part of the Homecoming Pep Rally last Friday. The event turned haywire once the pig (and maybe the English teacher chosen to bestow the kiss) realized what they had been gotten into.
Many in attendance were appalled by how “Kiss the Pig” organizers handled the pig’s anxiousness. Putting a blanket over its cage made the animal even more disoriented than being in the gym in the first place.
When the pig didn’t want to come out of  the cage, understandably, it was forced out by some of the pep rally organizers who wanted to get the show on the road.
What kind of fundraiser is painful to watch? What kind of school event makes some students cry?
Is borderline abuse of animals in order to squeeze some pep out of the crowd for an upcoming football game?
Concord High does NOT want to be known for being cruel to animals just to raise funds for student activities. It’s not worth it.