Checking in on the Chess Club


Lochan Sharma and Roy Annis square off at a recent club meeting.

The Concord High School Chess Club is one of the newer extracurricular activities here at CHS. Founded by Senior Freddy Simpson and Sophomore Roy Annis, the club encourages all students with an interest in chess to participate in weekly meetings and tournaments.

The Chess Club provides students with an opportunity to play chess virtually or on physical chess boards.

Senior Connor Still is happy the new club exists. “I really enjoy playing chess with my friends and it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the game,” he said.

The club does not yet have a regular weekly meeting date, but updates are regularly posted on its Google Classroom page. If interested, please contact club advisor Joe Proulx at [email protected] for more information and the classroom code. 

The Chess Club is always accepting new members, whether you are an experienced pro or a rook-ie!