The Great Escape of the Three Prisoners

“We are your worst nightmare.”


Author Nic-Thorng Polumaine

There were three prisoners, Chris, Connor and Shannon. How they got in prison was another reason. The people in charge put them in there because they rebelled against the people in charge laws and rules.

Chris, Connor and Shannon’s first punishment of prison was to drink green powder.

The green powder tasted really sweet. The guards laughed as Connor. Shannon and Chris looked confused. The guard showed a big mirror. All three of them gasped, the green powder turned them into green penguins.

Their second punishment  was to kiss the cactus and hug it. If they did not do it  the government would call the aliens and the aliens would abduct them. The guards took them outside but when the guards weren’t looking the three prisoners saw a hot air balloon and got on a horse that seemed to be on it too. Then the four of them saw the guards on another hot air balloon.

 “Look!” said Chris, “I can see my house from up here.”

 “Look!” said the horse, “I can see the farm that lives on and I see my farmer.” 

“Look!” said Shannon, “I believe I see a wedding happening outside. We’re getting closer.” 

The hot air balloon finally landed gently on the ground. 

A woman looked miserable as the preacher forced her to sign an application on order of the people in charge: “I would get in serious trouble if I don’t do my job.” 

“But I can’t do this,” said the woman. 

“Well you have to,” said the preacher. “This would have not happened if you had not broken the rules. Now you’re forced to marry a pig. So sign now.”

The pig was huge and rolled in the mud splashing the women’s wedding dress.

 “The mud is amazing!” said the pig. 

“Could this get any worse?” said the woman.

Shannon, Chris, Connor and the horse got out of the hot air balloon. 

“Stop this wedding!” Connor said. “Stop it now! Stop this sociable event.” Everyone looked at the green penguins.

“Who are you?” said the preacher.

“We are your worst nightmare. If you don’t free this woman, then we will,” said Chris.

“I can’t. If I do, I will get into serious trouble.” 

“You will get in trouble by sacrificing to help this woman,” said the horse.

“Guards, take them away!” ordered the preacher.

The guards did an immediate jump off the hot air balloon and took them away.

“No!” screamed the horse. “You can’t do this.”

The bride came with them when the preacher was not looking. 

“Take me too,” she said. “I would rather sacrifice my freedom for something else than marry a pig.”

All five of them — the horse, the bride, Shannon, Chris, and Connor — were taken to an underwater sandcastle that had a prison inside. They all were thrown in the same jail cell as the shark, who showed a huge painful with sharp teeth. 

“So,” he said, “How did you guys get in here? I know I got in here for refusing to pay my daily salary so they took away my groceries. At first the people in charge were going to do an experiment on me but they changed their mind and one of them said they need more education on how sharks work. I’m really angry that they put me in here but now I am starving it would be nice to eat three green feathered birds, a human and a horse.” 

“We have to get out of here,” said Shannon. 

“But how?” said Chris. 

“Isn’t there an opening somewhere?” the horse asked. 

“No, there isn’t,” said Connor. 

“But I have an idea,” the bride said. “When the guard comes to open the door to give us a meal, the shark can scare him and then we run off. If that’s okay with you?” she asked the shark. 

“Sure whatever. I thought I finally got to have a nice meal but instead my big dinner has enough intelligence to escape,” the shark said. “I wish you guys did not have any knowledge because I’m starving right now. I could eat anything!”

When the guard came with a dinner the shark ran after the guard causing him to scream, “Help!  This is an emergency!”

Now was their chance. As the prisoners headed out the door, the bride said, “Shouldn’t we save the shark too? I mean he helped us escape. Generally sharks scare me but this one doesn’t anymore.” 

“But remember — he wanted to eat us,” said Connor. 

“But maybe not anymore,” said Shannon. 

“I don’t know about this,” Chris said. But then they heard a voice say  “Hey guys, come here!” They looked and saw the shark on a hot air balloon. 

“Come on aboard, guys,” he said. “They will never catch us if we get away from here.”

As the rest of them hopped on, the horse asked, “How did you purchase this hot air balloon?”

 “Oh it was just sitting in the middle of nowhere in the sea,” said the shark. 

The guards tried to get to them but dozens of other hot air balloons kept getting in their way.

The shark, Shannon, Chris, bride, horse, and Connor, playing a guitar, watched a school of fish swim pass then and jellyfishes glow with excitement and delight. Sea turtles and whales moved gracefully.

Connor, Shannon and Chris soon turned back into their old selves when the green powder wore off.