Lip Sync looms


From the left Molly Emerson, Sarah Farrelly, Jacob Sculz, Rob Law, Will Scharlotte, and Thomas Bengston watch another Spanich Lip Sync group practice during rehearsals.

Spanish is widely considered a language of  love and passion, making it the perfect language of music and dance. That’s why every year around this time, when flowers bloom and spring fever consumes minds, Concord High stages Spanish Lip Sync.
On Friday, May 30, Spanish 4 classes will put on a performance filled with as much passionate singing and dancing as school rules allow.
“I’m very excited,” said junior Geno Magsipoc, one scheduled performer. “It’s going to be a blast and we won’t disappoint.”
The show will consist of nine groups of students, the largest being made up of seven kids. Lip Sync will run during periods 4, 6 and 8 in the auditorium. Performers will hold their last practice during period 2.
Teachers had to sign up to bring classes to view the popular show, which always fills the auditorium. To adhere to fire safety limits on audience size, walk-ins are turned away at the door.
“I think it’s going to a lot of fun,” said senior Tim Levins. “We’re going to have a lot of new songs and some creative dances. I think students will be really into it.”
The students will lip sync to Spanish songs and Spanish versions of their favorite songs. Creative and flashy choreography will give students opportunity to show off their moves and athleticism.
“I’m real excited,” said senior Abby Painchaud. “There’s definitely going to be plenty of Miley Cyrus and a fantastic solo by Kyler Thayer.”
“I’d like to tell my fans that if they show up, that they will have gone to the right place for cutting edge entertainment, and that they can definitely count on me signing autographs after,” promised junior Tom O’Brien.
“It’s going to be an absolutely awesome time,” added Rob Law, another member of the Class of 2015.