Sharma recognized


ELL tutor Ghana Shayam Sharma making his dream comes true

Ghana Shayam Sharma saw patients standing in a line, waiting for checkups. Some of the patients were pretty serious and he kept busy diagnosing and prescribing medications. When accidentally one patient pushed him from behind Sharma opened his eyes and realized he was dreaming.
He was not a doctor, as had been his childhood dream, but a social worker and teacher.
The politic situation that exiled Sharma from his homeland of Bhutan in 1992  inspired a career helping others through teaching and social work.
“Compulsion made me become a teacher,” said Sharma, who was recently recognized by the Concord Monitor Insider as one of “Concord’s most fascinating individuals.”
Sharma struggled with hardship in a refugee camp in Nepal after being forced to leave Bhutan, which still doesn’t allow any independent media organization to operate inside the country.
He came to the United States when he had the opportunity because he wanted to live in a world of diversity and new technology.
Though initially it was difficult for him to understand aspects of the American environment, including laws, cultural customs, banking, how to get a driver’s license and how to find work, he didn’t quit.
Now, he is a leading member of Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) which is an organization founded in 2010 to help New Americans living in the state of New Hampshire.
The BCNH’s role is to provide support and empower needy individuals. Sharma helps New Americans in the community as well as students at Concord High School.
“He is very helpful and multitalented,” said CHS senior Anita Dhungal.
Sharma tutors during the day and helps students with homework after school. He also helps students as well as other people with limited English skills preparing for naturalization testing.
In addition, said CHS senior Savitra Poudel, “Mr. Sharma is actively involved in cultural events organized in the community.”