"I'll remember…"


With graduation now days away, seniors were asked what they’ll miss most after leaving Concord High School. Pep rallies? Football games? Dances? Just hanging with friends?
Here’s what graduates had to say:
Sam Weiner: “I’ll remember the spring chorus concerts! Especially when we did a rendition of Les Mis.”
Liam Healy: “Getting into dumb silly fights with teachers and dissecting a shark in anatomy.”
Josh Pifer: “My four state championships I received throughout my four years, and my friends. They made quite the impact on me.”
James Osborne: “Hanging out with friends during my tennis matches. And watching CHS Live every morning.”
Nicole Chase: “Freshmen year I skipped across the courtyard with some of my friends in the rain and we went back to class soaking wet. I’ll always remember that day!”
Ben Bengtson: “I’ll always remember winning the state championship in baseball as just a sophomore.”
Kyle Cushman: “The football championship. We did it FOR THE CITY.”
Abby Painchaud, Maya Williams and Timothy Levins: “Spanish Lip Sync.”
Savitra Poudel: “The best part of my last four years was the opportunity to attend an incredible high school. The best thing overall was being presented the opportunity to learn English.”
Ben Saltmarsh: “Probably being hypnotized at the hypnosis show! It was really weird, but overall a super cool experience!”
Phoebe Van Gelder: “I will always love the Coffee House! I loved going and sitting and taking pictures of everyone preforming.”
Reshika Subbakaran: “This year’s International Night. I’ll remember it because Be The Change was a huge part of my high school career and it was really nice to end the year with a community event like that.”
MeGhan Conner: “The tree walks with Bof (Mrs. Bofinger). Bof is the bomb!”
Tyler Rizzo: “CRTC because it helped me prepare for the future.”
Nora Ismael: “Freshmen year Field Day with all the teachers and classes in our team (team Bozeman, Reardon and Robinson). We got to interact with our teachers and fellow students and play games. It was a lot of fun, and my team won!”
Ryan Donnelly: “The bonfire. CHS’s first bonfire ever! It was a blast, we went through so much lumber. It was an event everyone was welcome to and I hope the legacy lives on forever”
Jacob Bemis: “Mr. Boezeman. ‘Nuff said.”
Amber Anjim: “I’ll remember the football team and how amazing we were.”
Caroline Andy: “The greatest thing in my entire life was CHS soccer.”
Josh Piper: “I’ll miss the crowded catwalk.”
Sabrina Williams: “When Ms. Bofinger said ‘Dead things don’t have sex,’ and Mr. Casey’s fancy car.”
Amanda Bryant and Liam Healy agreed that they will remember all of the friends they made and the people they met while they were at CHS.