Senior one-acts start Nov. 7


Senior One Acts will be performed in the auditorium by members of the Concord High School Drama Club Nov. 7, 8 and 9 from 7-9 p.m.
Tickets cost $9 each and can be purchased at the door.
The show will consist of four one-act plays: Beyond Us, directed by Myles Luongo; Selfie, directed by Lauren Sawyer and Krizia Vasquez; Oh What a Tangled Web, directed by Paige Annis; and Figure, directed by Kayla Pelligrini.
Money made at the doors goes to support the CRTC Theater & Film program to help cover equipment, music rights and costumes.
Junior Keisha Johnson, as manager for Beyond Us, stores all the scene directions and notes for the play. “I’m basically a memo.”
“We have a really dedicated cast and they don’t really need help,” she said, “but they’re really good at communication when they do need help.”
Seniors who want to participate in this annual event submit applications to longtime CHS director Clint Klose, an instructor with CRTC. Seniors can choose to direct an existing play or write one of their own.
Auditions took place Sept. 10. Being on stage is “nerve wracking but it’s a nice feeling of adrenaline,” said Ryley Nash, a sophomore who delivered the lines of somebody who calls in sick to work.
Nash was cast as Chris in Oh What a Tangled Web. Other actors in that production include Emma Hall as Jan, Jacob Orlen as Frank, Bailey Kirn as Shirley,  Zakary Walter as Mr. Quigley, Danielle Roberge as Mrs. Quigley, and Caleb Anderson as Tim Scarlota.

Luongo is directing the following peers in Beyond Us:  Lyle Setnick-King as Barry Oltrenoi, Jacob Orlen as Rich Defranco, Iris Hall as Elizabeth Lamont, Madison Barton as Diane, Zakary Walter as Father Daniells/Jameson, Laura Houle as Tina Oltrenoi, Kamrein Stone as Martie Oltrenoi/Larry, Benny Pham as Father Thomas, Olivia Lamper as Mrs. Defranco, and, in the ensemble, Graham Sundstrom, Mckinley Tilden, Sienna Harlow, Kate Weaver, Tiffy Mathews, Janeza Ignacio, Lily Dunlap, Mikaela Rocca and Charles Makee.

Students performing in Selfie include Evelyn Duggan as Laura, Kamrein Stone asTyler, Jordan Buterbaugh as Zack, Ashley Marsh as Nicole, Luci Morrissette as Kaitlyn, Angela Vasquez as Jessie, Avery Mahon as Sam and Phoebe Hopkins as Morgan. Katherine Marino joins the ensemble.

Figure features Aly Magsipoc as Homeless Child, Kyla Artus as Plague Doctor, Lewis Stamas as Traditional Worker, Juliette Anderson as Victorian Noble, Abe WinnettKnoy as Titanic Victim and Alden Martin as Modern Citizen. The ensemble also includes Abigail Duffy.