GAPP visit ends


German students currently visiting Concord High School as part of the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) are getting in last classroom presentations and fun activities with host families before leaving for home Wednesday, Oct. 23.
Thus far the GAPP students have been involved in the homecoming events, visited New York City, had dinner parties, and have embarked on numerous other adventures within the New England area.
“I like the experience of living in America,” said junior Leonie Bensch, who has been staying with CHS senior Kylar Buchholz.
“It is a life that we live here instead of just being on vacation. The people are so friendly and funny and because of that I feel very welcome here,” said Bensch.
“At first I wasn’t planning on doing it but a lot of my friends were and I didn’t want to miss out on the experience,” said Buchholz. “I’m so glad I chose to do it in the end, because it has been one of the best months of my life. It’s crazy meeting people from other cultures and seeing what you have in common and things that are different between the two countries.”
Americans students will travel to Germany next summer to learn what life in Germany is all about and to rekindle the friendships made here in New Hampshire.
The GAPP exchange takes place every two years. Students interested in participating may want to consider the following observations from current CHS students.
“It’s been really cool,” said junior Jarrad Willette. “I enjoyed New York, it was a great bonding experience and I enjoy the parties and time I spend with my GAPP partner. The soccer games and just playing sports with them is fun as well. The one thing that sucks is that I don’t have much time for homework.”
“It gets hard to keep up with schoolwork, and with early applications (for college) coming up it has been hard to keep up with, and i’m behind on college stuff. Other than that it’s been a blast!” said Buccholz, who has enjoyed having “another sister for the month.”
“I knew I wanted to do GAPP in the first place. That’s why I took German. But what German means to me now, I never saw coming. German has become what I would like to minor in in college, and I will hopefully become fluent in it. GAPP has been a real help towards that goal,” said senior James Huffman.
Bensch said she is looking forward to when CHS students arrive for a month next summer, and wants to show her GAPP partner “all of the things we’ve talked about; the school, food friends, and my family.”