Join Concord Connect


The Concord Connect Club, run by student leaders Alec Galatis and Ryan Devine, is an extracurricular club with a main focus on helping students and destigmatizing mental health issues around the school.
People interested in joining should show up after school Wednesday, Nov. 6, on the orange carpeted area near the athletic office. The club meets the first Wednesday of every month.
According to Galatis and Devine, who are suicide prevention trained, the club is always open to gaining  more members. Students wanting more information can also reach out to the following teachers or school counselors: Matt Skoby, Kelly Noel, Aimee Tucker, Heather Oullette-Cygan, Leslie Barry, Betsy Peabody and Karen Slick. 
“[The] more people we can get to come to it, the bigger the effect will be,” said Devine.
In addition to hosting events aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues and providing help to  students who need it, club leaders plan to start going into Health II classes in order to provide more information.
Said Devine, “This will hopefully create a student to student connection, because more students would tell their friend rather than telling a teacher about it.”