Job fair Wednesday


The second annual Concord High School Job and Career Fair will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 15.
There will be many businesses lined up along Main Street, all with positions for students to fill.
These include Concord Hospital, Pike Industries, Concord Parks and Recreation, McLean Trucking, McDonald’s and local nursing homes.
Students looking for job are encouraged to bring along a resume when they visit during lunches.
School counselor Rebecca Schaefer said she and teacher Sarah Hans have expanded the fair this year to include information sessions on careers.
Directly across from Main Street on the red carpet area,  professionals currently working in fields of interest will be available to talk and answer questions that students may have.
Schaefer said she and Hans started the fair last year “because we had a lot of seniors who had nothing to do after high school.”
“Last year we just did jobs. But this year also we’re having people come to talk about their careers. There will be a physician coming, a lawyer, a farmer, and some others. There are tons of questions to ask, like what classes they took, what other education they needed,” she added.
Another change this year is a raffle. Every time a student talks to a professional, that student will receive a ticket for a drawing to win a prize.