CHS passwords change

All Concord High School students saw their passwords change last week.
Students began using new passwords to log onto Chromebooks and into PowerSchool, Gmail, and any other Google accounts on Wednesday, March 27.
This password change should increase security for students on the Chromebooks, and provide a safe digital experience to the CHS community.
The former password format for students was ‘=123456CHS’, using numbers unique to students.
Now students are adding three letters to the end of that string so it looks like ‘=123456CHSABC’.
Any student who still needs to get this three-letter string can ask any teachers or the Help Desk.
Senior Anna Wilson, who works at the  Help Desk, said the change was made “for security reasons, so it will be helpful. I also think that a lot of kids will be frustrated with it.”
The change will happen at CHS first and then at Rundlett Middle School, according to Help Desk teacher Jessamyn Rockwell.
Rockwell said students might be surprised, and a little confused, but “capable of making the change.”