You ought to know: Julia Peabody-Harhigh


Many people know Julia Peabody-Harhigh as the “Culture Talk Coordinator” on CHS Live or as an officer of Be the Change Club.
Be the Change focuses on diversity and helping others gain a deeper insight on students who experience life differently than most Americans.
“The culture talks have made me a lot more confident and allowed me to talk about my values instead of being pessimistic,” said Peabody-Harhigh.
“At first when I started doing these talks last year it was very nerve-wracking to search for these students and talk to them, or watching myself on TV when the show came on, but I got used to it.”
The experience “allowed me to come out of my shell, which would have never been the case during middle school.”
Peabody-Harhigh said she has grown a lot during her time at Concord High in terms of individuality and involvement within the community. She looks up to friends, family members and other adults in her life for inspiration.
“There is never a time you’re going to be absolutely 100% ready to try something,” she said. “Whenever I’m faced with something that’s new I think its always important to jump right in. I get a feeling of pride when I try something new which is a mindset I’ve acquired during high school.”
What people may not know about Peabody-Harhigh is that she has a very busy life outside of school as well. She does community service through music, is a youth mentor through the friends’ program and teaches a Sunday school class at the Unitarian Universalist Church.
She uses horseback riding as a way to cope with stresses because it’s calming and because horseback riding is a passion. “Being passionate about all the things I love is what keeps me sane.”
Peabody-Harhigh is still unsure about her post-CHS plans. She is looking to continue her education and is considering such schools as Wellesley, Smith, Dickson, Sarah Lawrence and University of New Hampshire.
She might also take a gap year to travel the world first.
“Wherever I go to college I’m excited about exploring the world and meeting new people,” she said.