You ought to know: Alyssa Stanley


Senior Alyssa Stanley is an accomplished dancer here at Concord High School. She has been dancing for an incredible 16 years.
She has done every style of dancing there is but, “Tap dancing is my favorite.”
Stanley practices at the Concord Dance Academy and she performs at the Concord City Auditorium and the Capital Center for the Arts.
Alyssa is on the Concord Dance Academy competition team, whose recent competitions included one on March 9.
Competitions are not quick events. “Usually for competitions we compete against local New Hampshire studios and they tend to last three days.”
Stanley likes seeing what other dancers are doing. “My mindset is I want to learn from other studios and make connections to hopefully teach or attend a class.”
And, while she said, “I want to continue a couple of dancing classes in college,” she has had to take a break before. Stanley had a major setback when she hurt her back in October 2017.
“I was practicing a lift with my team for a dance and the lift went wrong and I fell about 7-8 ft and landed on a wood floor.”
Dancing is not the only interest Stanley has. She also likes to play the piano in her free time.