You ought to know: Noah Fye


Senior and second-year Graphic Arts and Design student Noah Fye is happy that Concord High School houses Concord Regional Technical Center, which caters to students looking to work in trades rather than traditional office jobs.
“When I first told my parents about it they were like ‘Oh, you don’t want to be an artist,’ because of how people see artists in the past: starving artists. It took a while for them to be like ‘Oh, you can actually succeed.’ ”
Fye is determined to attend  Johnson and Wales College in Providence, Rhode Island, to earn his degree in graphic design. He has already created a portfolio with some of his favorite work.
“I’d like to go to an advertising firm, and just kinda work my way up and eventually get to creative director. It’s the highest you can go, so you’d oversee pretty much everything you’d do for whatever company you’re working for,” he said.
Fye is also passionate about music. He plays bass in his free time, and for his graphic design class had to recreate an 80’s music video. Fye had made a version of “Jessie’s Girl” where he played the background music and shot the footage.
“People like when you can do more than one thing, especially as a graphic designer,” he said.
“You’re not just working in print or visual stuff or online; you really have to do everything. You have to be able to build websites, make a poster, make a flyer, but also design t-shirts and all that, so you have to be good at everything.”