Cannon backcountry skiing


Kevin Jones stands at the top of the Mittersill Backcountry Glades at the Cannon Mountain Ski Resort in Franconia Notch on  Feb. 1. He and friend Marshall Reedenauer had a guide  show them hidden trails. “We had to hike about a mile back up because we took a wrong turn at one point, taking us to the highway, but it was all worth it,” said Reedenauer after a return to Peabody Lodge. The Mittersill part of Cannon has not always been the same. About 10 years ago the 4000 foot Cannon and the 3000 foot Mittersill merged operations into one singular ski area attracting hundreds of thousands of skiers per season along with summer hikers, rock climbers and sightseers. To get to the top of Mittersill you have to hike about 200 feet up a saddle, which is a small dip in between the two mountains that you must walk over, but that’s little work for the rewards of the highly advanced backcountry glades and powder. Reedenauer and Jones ended up doing this and having a “blast” as well.