Freshmen reflect


Recently, students from Concord High’s freshman class were interviewed about their experience so far as new students. Responses varied, but a majority said that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be.
“The beginning was difficult, but I’m getting in the swing of things now,” stated freshman Parker Savoy. 
“It was pretty easy,” said Peyton Trento.
Although some are now getting used to the school, many did notice many changes when they first arrived.
“CHS is a bit bigger. There’s a lot more people,” said freshman Cam Brown. “Just a lot more people walking around in the halls when transitions are going on.”
Said Kalpana Chhetri, “I got to meet like lots of friends from my same country, and like, they use the same language. [I’m] making new friends.”
“The school environment here is a lot more accepting, I would say, than Rundlett,” said Ella McCown. “We get to have more freedom.”
Teachers and administrators urge students to use that freedom wisely and many students do.
I have to take it more seriously than Rundlett,” said Hemanta Darji. “‘This grade here at high school will affect my grade, like up in my college too and my careers.”
“[It’s] been hard adjusting, but since the end of quarter one, it’s started to get better and as it keeps going on I hope it just ends up being a great year,” said Liam Dooley. “Roll tide!”
A lot of freshmen are getting involved in sports and clubs. “Right now I’m doing Varsity Club,” said Savoy.
“I think I’m going to do lacrosse this year,” said McCown.
Trento made it clear that the upperclassmen were not as scary as she originally thought. “I would have been a lot more social!” she said.
Savoy also had some advice for next year’s freshmen. “Don’t stress out about it because I think everyone’s a little bit nervous, but there’s no reason to be.”