Winners announced


Rayya Burns, Lydia Phelps, Ranila Thapa and Kaitlyn Watt won top honors in October for the Fall 2018 Journalism class photography contest.
All students in the class were required to submit pictures of interest to today’s Concord High School community. Images could feature CHS or community events; each photo had to include at least one human being.
Students paid attention to creative use of color/contrast, pattern/repetition, framing and perspective. Burns, Phelps, Thapa and Watt won bragging rights and t-shirts that are being produced by the Concord Regional Technical Center Graphic Design program’s direct-to-garment t-shirt printer.
Phelps, whose Best Use of Color/Contrast photo appears top left, took several of her photographs downtown.
Thapa, who won two in two categories–Best Use of Perspective and Best Photograph Overall–took most of her pictures at the Deerfield Fair.
Burns overwhelmingly won in the Best Use of Pattern/Repetition category for her image of runners at a cross-country meet.
Watt went to an apple orchard to capture a series of engaging pictures, including a shot that won Best Use of Framing.