Gear for sale


Families can purchase Concord High School apparel online 24 hours a day.
The store can be found by going to, clicking on Student Life and choosing “CHS Spirit/Apparel Store.”
A wide variety of items are offiered, including shirts, sweatshirts, hats, shorts, accessories and more available in a range of sizes for all ages. 
Along with the great variety, there is a range of prices. Mens shirts have a range in prices, based on material and make.
For example a t-shirt is less expensive than a long-sleeved shirt and a t-shirt of a nicer material is more expensive than a standard t-shirt.
Standard t-shirts for men cost $17.95 (before customization) and $19.95 (before customization) for women.
The prices have a hug range, starting at $9.95 for a rally towel and ending at $109.95 for a women’s all season jacket.  
Another cool feature that the Spirit Store has is the option to customize the pieces you want to purchase. Customizing includes changing the colors of the items you choose, along with the font, position and activity.
Available activities include Art Club and Bowling, Yearbook and Biology.
Rachel Lewis, a member of the band, says her favorite thing from the apparel store is her Concord Music hoodie, because she doesn’t play any sports.
Also, she said, “My parents got me a shirt freshmen year, and they customized it to say 2019.”
Senior Seth Malachi, a member of the varsity football team, has bought a few items over the years. “I buy apparel so other people know I play. Also, because it gives back to the school.”
Note: Daisha Joyner contributed to this report.