What's for lunch?


Students and staff interviewed earlier this week had different opinions about what to eat when lunch time rolls around.
They also had many different lunches.
As some students gobbled up the dish of the day — on Tuesday, it was General Gau’s chicken and rice, steamed broccoli, fresh fruit and fortune cookies, other students, like senior Emma Chudziki, ate what they’d brought from home.
“I had some strawberries and some broccoli with hummus,” Chudziki said.
Sean Carrigan, a senior, said he likes what’s offered in the cafeteria and always gets school lunch. “They’ve got good food here.”
But of approximately 50 people surveyed  informally during Lunch A, three out of four said they prefer to bring their lunch instead of buying what’s available.
Reasons varied.

During A Lunch, sophomore Shaylee Artus said she always brings her lunch “because I’m a picky eater and I don’t really like school lunch.”
Senior Anita Dibuono said she also prefers to bring a lunch. That way, “I can be as healthy as I want to be.”
“I’m gluten free so I can’t eat any of it,” said Ian Macaig, another member of the Class of 2019.
Freshmen Nell Malette brought a sandwich, fruit and crackers Tuesday. She tends to carry a lunch ever day “because I don’t want to stand in line.”
“I prefer packed lunch because it tastes good and I can have whatever I want and it’s not ridiculously priced like lunch here,” said Sarah Bell, whose lunch on Tuesday featured lots of variety. “I have a sandwich, and it’s almond butter, peanut butter, and Honey. I also have Watermelon, Jalapeno Cape Cod chips and dried fruit.”
Sophomores Sierra Boots and Lexi Quinn also brought a few items to eat. “I packed peanut butter and jelly, Chex mix, goldfish, and a healthy trail mix,” said Boots. Quinn brought “A sandwich, apple, and goldfish.”
Faculty members also had interesting lunches that day. Donna Reardon had quinoa salad and plums. For Carole Frankiewicz, it was chicken pot pie, cheese, fruit, nuts and Jell-O.  Carol Lundin brought an apple and some rice cakes with peanut butter and jam.
Melissa White brought all organic food due to allergies: organic ground chicken, organic mashed peas mixed with organic green beans, and organic hibiscus iced tea.
Some students expressed unhappiness that the coffee bar is now closed during lunches.
“That’s bad,” said sophomore Patience Boley. “Kids that don’t get it in the morning might want it in the afternoon.”

“I miss it,” said senior Kendra Flint.

Freshman Zoey Schaffer also doesn’t appreciate the change. “I don’t like it because I need one coffee in the morning and one later to deal with people.”
Angela Vasquez, also a freshman, didn’t care: “I’m fine because I hate coffee.”