Vacations can bring adventures


While many Concord High School students will be working or babysitting all summer, some may have a chance to travel across the country or even outside the United States, as older members of Girl Scout Troop 20507 did in April when they headed south for a cruise.
Concord-based Troop 20507, which is made up of girls aged 12-18, has been divided into two groups: an older girl group and a younger girl group. Travel is a big focus for the group.
Older troop members traveled to Costa Rica two years ago and spent a day helping raise funds for the local community.
Each trip the troop tries to incorporate some form of community service. This year’s trip, a cruise with stops in such places as Key West and Belize, was primarily vacation-based because most of the girls who went are currently seniors at Concord High School and considered this a “senior trip.”
“My first taste of a little bit of Hispanic and Latin culture was buying a fresh coconut sold by a Cuban man and it really set me up for the hype of Mexico and Belize,” said Grace Lane.
In the photo at top left, the girls had just finished taking pictures at the southernmost point in the United States and wanted to try a local refreshment.
What did they think of that coconut milk? “It tastes like flavored water. It’s a little bit thicker than water though,” said Amanda Enderson.
At left, Enderson, Michaela Hayes (author of this article), Rosie Speidel, Grace Lane and Grace Venator sit atop Mayan ruin Altun Ha. 
Altun Ha is located just outside of Belize City, Belize. 
Seeing Mayan ruins was one of the main reasons the girls chose this particular cruise. 
“I remember climbing a lot of stairs to get up to the top but feeling like it was totally worth it because the view was amazing,” said Spiedel.
“I also remember that when we took this picture specifically everyone was getting burned by the hot stone and I had to convince you all to sit down and pose,”  she said.

The Girl Scouts also went scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, shopping time at the beach.
Enderson, Hayes and Venator are members of the Class of 2018.
Lane and Speidel will be returning to Concord High for their senior and junior years, respectively, next fall.