Summer plans beckon


As summer gets closer, people start to get more excited about the end of the school year and plans for vacation, regardless of whether those plans include travel.
A few students, like freshman Cooper Leppard, do plan to leave town. “I’m going on a cruise to Florida,” Leppard said, listing snorkeling as one of his planned activities. 
Others will stick close to home.
Lochana Sharma, a member of Concord High School’s Peer to Peer class, says that her favorite summer activities include “swimming and hanging out with friends.”
Jacob Jobin is another freshman “staying at home and relaxing.”
Unlike Jobin, Johanne Nichols, a sophomore, plans to be very busy in and around Concord. “Over the summer, I am doing summer running, lifeguarding, and drivers ed,” she said. “My dream summer is running a lot, improving my fitness, and figuring out how to drive.”
Day trips are another popular option, particularly for those with driving licenses.“I go to the beach and lake to hang with friends,”  said Brenna Vandersea, currently a senior.
Jobs are very common for CHS students.
“I work at a farm over the summer.” Vandersea stated, who said her dream summer vacation plan would be “to stay at a beach house with my friends.”
“I am babysitting a lot,” said junior Erin Clougherty.
So is freshmen Ruby Garcia. “I babysit and earn $50 a week,” she said.
As seniors start to leave high school, some of them are starting to get ready for college, a big move that may involve getting supplies for dorm rooms, going to orientations, and moving away from home.
“I’m going to URI for orientation over the summer,” stated Vandersea.
Senior Ceylan Ayan is going to be getting ready for college as well. “I will be working for a few weeks and be preparing to move to North Carolina for college. I’m going to an orientation in mid-August. As far as supplies, I will probably order dorm stuff and have it sent to North Carolina and buy school supplies when I move,” she said.
Summer vacation begins immediately following the end of classes Friday, June 15, for most CHS students. Members of the Class of 2018 will graduate Saturday, June 16.