Who's a celebrity? And why?


Jon Berube. Photographer: A. Silverstein

There are a number of ways to measure the popularity of celebrities. These can range from how talented they are for their age, how often they are mentioned, the number of followers they have on social media, the amount of advertisements they participate in, or even products sold that feature them.
Income is also often a big indicator of how favored a celebrity is. However, this doesn’t always match with legacy.
Concord High School, asked to name their favorite celebrities and predict whether these big names might still be famous in ten years, had differing ideas on what makes a celebrity important and for how long.
Said senior Jon Berube, pictured at left, “Nowadays I’ve noticed that celebrities that get a lot of attention real quick and are really popular for a short amount of time tend to burnout after a little while.”
“Donald Glover is a talented musician and actor,” Berube said.
“He has a lot going for him, and it seems his popularity has been periodic and generally consistent and it doesn’t look like he’ll be burning out anytime soon. His name being known overall. We already know what he can do with music and now we get to see him acting more.”
“I believe he got the role as Lando Calrissian in the new Han Solo movie and that is a big title that will give him a lot of attention,” Berube said.
Sophomore Jake Sheehy, left, thought of Chris Pratt, an actor who starred in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Pratt has has since gone on to feature films. 
Will Pratt last? Yes, said Sheehy: “He’s been in a lot of good movies recently and he’s good looking. The Marvel movies are popular and what he is involved in is popular.” 
Junior Alex Blake thinks Chris Hemsworth is another star who won’t be forgotten. “Mainly because he was in the Marvel movies so people will definitely remember that. Marvel on your resume is pretty damn good.”

English teacher Matthew Skoby, left, said that when he thinks of celebrities, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady comes to mind.
“I love Tom Brady, not only because he’s the GOAT but, he continually makes sacrifices for the better of his team,” Skoby said.
“He’s not even close to being paid as much as other quarterbacks. I like Tom because he takes financial pay cuts, so it’s not all about the money.”
Brady’s attitude is another factor, said Skoby. “I admire that he’s in such good physical shape at 41, and, I think he’s humble, he doesn’t seek approval. He finds that happiness comes from within.”
Junior Patrick Habimana, left, admires rapper Snoop Dogg. “I think he is going to stay famous mostly through social media.”
Snoop Dogg currently has 23.3 million followers on Instagram and was huge from the start in the G-funk period of the ’90s.
However, according to the Apple Music Preview, he went on to change his popularity “in a new, fun-loving direction that helped buoy his career in the decades to come.” 
Sophomore Abby Sawyer, left, thinks that Mason Ramsey, a young boy who gained fame after a video of him singing at a Wal-Mart went viral.
“I feel like he will be successful in 10 years,” Sawyer said.
“I just feel like he has so much talent, he can sing so well. He’s only 10 and already has a new song.”
Ramsey’s single, “Famous,” debuted in April.
Olivia Somerville, another sophomore, is another fan of Ramsey. “I kind of agree with Abby. He’s got a lot of drive, and ambition. He’s going to be big in country music. By 15 he’s going to have an album.”

CHS junior Alex Poulin, left, said a celebrity he admires is Hollywood director Steven Spielberg.
“His movies were pretty awesome and good movies are pretty hard to forget. I’d say he’ll stay famous through making movies that are good quality.”
Successful Spielberg movies include Catch Me if You Can, Saving Private Ryan, Artificial Intelligence, Lincoln, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Jurassic Park, Jaws, Schindler’s List and Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Comedians come to mind for other people.
Said Jake Silver, senior, shown at left, Howie Mandel is a celebrity he admires. “Deal or No Deal is timeless.”
“I used to watch that show all the time.”