The good, the bad, and the pretty

Over half the news we see or hear today is negative. This is why I believe in seeing five pretty things everyday. I want to make my life more positive by trying to focus on the good. If I try to see five pretty things everyday, I feel that I have at least tried to be a more positive person. Pretty things can be seeing the sunrise, meeting your friends in the morning, or even the feeling you get when you eat your favorite food. They don’t have to be anything specific, it is whatever makes you smile or feel happy. Sometimes seeing the good in the world is hard. Sometimes it is challenging for me to even see one pretty thing, let alone five. Those days are especially bad days.
One such day was the day I found out the restraining order my mom and I were trying to get against my father was denied. The judge had said there was insufficient evidence. I couldn’t believe it. How could this have happened? I felt like I had lost all of my hope and happiness to a dark spiral of anger and loss. All I could think about was that my father was getting the same news. He probably looked like the cat who ate the canary. In his mind the judge had just said that he was right, and we were wrong.
I went to school that day feeling hopeless. Then I saw my friend , I had told her about what was going on with me so she asked me “what had happened with the restraining order?” I told her everything, what I was feeling and what the court said. After I was done venting to her, she looked at me with her eyebrows all crinkled up and said, “That’s bullshit.”
That was it; that one little saying made me smile. The fact that she listened and then got angry for me was all I needed. That was one pretty thing. Then I reminded myself to find the others, seeing the squirrels chase each other by the bus stop, seeing my cat’s sleeping face, the feeling of smiling after feeling so hopeless, and the smile on my friend’s face when she saw that my spirits where lifted.
That is why I believe that no matter how hard or horrible your day, week or year has been, you should always stop and count the pretty things you saw that day.