AP Exams underway


AP exams are underway for a number of students at Concord High School this week and next.
These exams are taking place in the Lecture Hall in two blocks. The first runs each day from 8 to 11 a.m. and the second runs from 12 to 3 p.m. Students may notice that no overhead announcements are running while exams are in session.
Students are struggling to get in last minute preparation on top of their existing academics and athletics.
“I’ve been studying mostly for the Calc exam. I studied using practice tests, timing myself doing practice problems, and using flashcards to remember rules. I also plan on marathoning crash course videos,” reported senior Katie Henry, who is also taking the AP Physics exam in addition to AP Calculus AB.
Hilary McDonald, a junior at CHS, said she is taking the AP Environmental Science exam this year. “I have been studying by reading chapters in the textbook we were given for the class.”
Most students hope to use their AP exam scores for college credits. Students also receive Running Start credits towards college if they achieve high overall grades in the class.
“I took APUSH my sophomore year and I think I got a 2,” said Rachel Lewis, now a junior. “It was a really hard class for me but I think I ended the year with credits from SNHU and a final grade of 87.”
“It’s scary but you just gotta do it. If you are willing, it’s good to practice being in those high risk testing situations before you’re thrown into the whirlwind of adult education,” she added.
In 2017, the New Hampshire average score for AP exams was a  3.16 out of a 5 point scale and the nation averaged to a 2.84 according to College Board.
Alison Lambert, a senior at Bow High School, will be taking three AP exams this year: AP Literature and Composition, AP Physics and AP Calculus BC. “Just relax and if you don’t know a problem, move on. You only need 60% correct on most tests to get a 5,” she said.
AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Physics 1, AP English Literature and Composition and AP Physics 2 exams were held earlier this week.
AP U.S. Government and Politics and AP Environmental Science exams are being held today, with  AP U.S History and the AP Computer Science Principles exams to follow tomorrow.
On Monday, the AP Biology and AP Music Theory exams will start off the last week. AP Calculus AB and BC exams will follow on Tuesday and the AP English Language and Composition and AP Macroeconomics exams on Wednesday.
Testing will conclude with AP World History and AP Statistics exams on Thursday and AP Microeconomics and AP European History exams on Friday.