Construction causing a commotion


Water line replacement that started April 12 and will continue until the end of the school year is happening on streets around Concord High School, impacting bus and car drop-offs.
This work has also impacted the senior parking across the street from CHS. The entrance and exit to the lot have been switched from Warren Steeet to Pleasant Street on the other side of the parking lot.
“It has backed up traffic in the two new entrances, especially when I leave for the day. It’s taken me about ten minutes longer to get out,” said Matt O’Brien, a senior at Concord High.
Buses are also delayed. Freshman Keith McFetridge said, “The other day we were on the bus and so many cars were going through and the bus was trying to go through, then one of the cars was going the wrong way. It’s just a bunch of commotion.”
Some wondered why couldn’t it have been done over the summer. “I think it would have been one hundred percent better if they did it in the summer,” said freshman Sam Hartung, adding, “The paving on Warren will make the street nicer but it’s also not necessary at this time of year.”