Les Miserables opens tonight


Actors and actresses have their costumes; the set is built. Les Miserables opens tonight at 7 p.m.
The cast of Les Miserables has been preparing for the show for about two months now.
“I’m very excited,” stated freshman Shaylee Artus, who is performing in the ensemble.
The show runs tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. All evening performances start at 7 p.m. On Saturday there is also a matinee at 2 p.m.
Cast and crew members have been rehearsing after school for weeks and weeks, using every minute to get ready for tonight’s opening. Earlier this week they were still working on last details.
“I am excited but there is still a lot of TOW to do before the show,” stated director Clint Klose on Tuesday.
Eileen Riley, another member of the ensemble, said then, “It’s scary that the show is in two days.” 
Students involved in the production have made strong bonds and have been helping each other out along the way. “There are so many talented people around me that have gotten me to improve,” said Riley, a freshman.
“It’s something fun to do after school,” exclaimed Artus, watching the cast rehearse a scene.
Friday night’s show is already sold out. People hoping to get tickets for later performances should call (603) 717-7670 or buy tickets at the Music Office at Concord High School.
People can buy also buy tickets at the door if seats are still available. Tickets cost $15 per adults and $12 for students and seniors.
“It’s going to be great,” said Artus.
Les Miserables Cast: Jean Valjean – Josh Girouard; Javert – Dan Gaby; Bishop of Digne – Jasper Ward; Fantine – Emily Casko; Little Cossette – Cate Fox; Madame Thenardier – Keisha Johnson; Thenardier – Daniel Desmond; Young Eponine – Brynna Streeter; Gavroche – Gavin Johnson; Eponine – Rachel Revellese; Cosette – Maya Fabozzi; Brujon – Myles Luongo; Montparnasse – Eli Duggan; Enjolras – Derek Taylor; Marius – Jagger Reep; Combeferre – Graham Sundstrom ; Feuilly – Jacob Marcus; Courfeyrac – Skyler Lavoie; Jolly – Myles Luongo; Prouvaire – Jasper Ward; Lesgles – Jasper Ward; Grantaire – Evan Marcus.
Ensemble: Shaylee Artus, Brady Coskren, Gabby Czerula, Eli Duggan, Rachel Ferrier, Emma Hall, Riley Hollidge, Casey Ingraham, Sydney Kilgore, Abby LeClair, Rachel Lewis, Skyler Lavoie, Anna Lombardi, Chloe Magee, Evan Marcus, Jacob Marcus, Elizabeth Marino, Skylar Matthews, Eileen Riley, Sriyam Rimal, Sarah Ross, Graham Sundstrom, Krizia Vasquez, Paolo Vasquez, Jasper Ward, Anna Wilson.
Les Miserables Crew: Stage Manager – Maddie Dustin; Assistant Stage Manager – Lauren Sawyer; Lighting – Tyler Nadeau, Joe Strokes; Spotlight – Nick Richards, Madison McCormack; Choreographer – Christina White; Vocals and Music Direction – Brin Cowette; Pit Conductor – Gabe Cohen; Set Design & Master Builder – John Hatab; Director – Clint Klose; Parent Volunteer Coordinator – Alison Casko; Costumer – Lynn Head; Bio Boards – Tracy Renaud; Props – Aliz Marrone, Noemi Bordino, Hannah Lee; Costumes – Clara Cooper, Brenda Yen (Costumes made by CRTC); Set Building – Seth Head, Alan Head, Paul Marrone, Bill Kretovic, Kelly Kinhan, Dan Revellese, Mr. Johnson, Kevin McFettridge; Set Painters – Barb Desmond, Bill Kretovic, Autumn VanSice, Leslie Ossoff, Elanie Pottle; C.A.S.T and Crew; Program – Tom Mungovan; Sound/Lavs – Paula Arocena, Caitlin Klose; Sound – Peri Ayan, Michaele Hayes.
Les Miserables Orchestra: Conductor – Gabe Cohen; Reed 1 – Zoe Ablerici, Megan Martel; Reed 2 – Cameron Beaupre, Leighton Sackos; Reed 3 – Miranda Kaplan, Hannah Martin; Trumpet – Ethan Tessier, MacKenzie Lyons; Horn 1 – Abby Levy; Horn 2 – Elijah Czysz; Trombone – Edward Doyle; Violin – Margaret Whitcomb, Myana Keusch; Viola – Joseph Nyhan; Cello – Laurel Simpson; String Bass – Lucas Tomas, Isabella Zayas; Percussion – Alexis Patoine, Joe Mundy, Ezekiel Ignacio; Keyboard – Elizabeth Rhodes, Zachary Stith; Piano – Blake Leister.