International Night Friday


The Be The Change Club will host its 5th annual International Night  here at Concord High School Friday, May 19, from 5:30  to 8 p.m.

Events will take place on Main Street and in the auditorium.

The night will include tasting multicultural foods, performances such as dancing and singing, and a fashion show in which students model clothes from all different cultures.

This free event is open to all of the Concord community, not just the CHS student body.

Elida Ntirenganya, a CHS student participating in the event says, “It is a perfect gathering moment for the whole community.”

“It’s super fun and a beautiful way to celebrate the diversity at CHS and celebrate each other’s cultures and diversity,” she said.

There will be over 30 different cultures displayed throughout the night. “I love seeing all of our cultures celebrated and I love seeing everyone having so much fun, that makes me feel good.” Say Anna-Marie DiPasquale, a CHS staff member and advisor of the Be The Change Club.

Students who want to attend the event but can not find a ride too CHS can ride a bus  making several stops to get these students here by 5:30. The bus will deliver students them home at 8 p.m.