Student Help Desk a success


Olivia Kinhan, reporter: “The Student Help Desk is a new program at Concord High School this fall. It is stationed in the Media Center and it allows students to help other students as well as faculty members with problems with technology.”
Adrian Kennedy, reporter: “It’s fourth period at the Student Help Desk. A 3-D printer whirs in the background. The Help Desk teacher says it’s a normal day.”
Justin Bourque, CHS technology integrator: “We have four periods a day, and each period, we have maybe six or seven students, so I’d say anywhere, you know, thirty, thirty-five people a day, something like that. Busy days can be a lot crazier than that, though.”
David Venator, sophomore: “My computer wouldn’t type quotation marks, and would only put accent marks, and it was really annoying when I was trying to cite things.”
Olivia Kinhan, reporter: “The Student Help Desk was truly a team effort, which included substantial contributions from librarian Ms. Dugan.”
Helen Dugan, librarian: “As I was kind of organizing all of that with the technology we were going to have in there, Mr. Bourque could focus on what the course of the Help Desk was going to look like, in terms of outcomes and all of that, so it was a really busy but exciting project to be working on all last year.”
Adrian Kennedy, reporter: “The student Help Desk has been receiving some significant buzz from the CHS community. All students and staff are welcome during school hours, with no appointments necessary. This is the Crimson Review. Thanks for tuning in.”