Spenser Beaupre: "Just stay calm"


Graduating senior Spenser Beaupre has learned a lot about himself as he’s moved through four years of Concord High School.
“As a senior you really have your own place, just more grown up. I definitely know who I am a lot better,” he said.
Having been “a part of every drama production in some way, whether it was on stage or off stage,” during his four years at CHS,  Beaupre found a home in the drama department and band wing. “It’s where all my friends are,” he said. “I spent most of my time in this wing.”
Beaupre directed a one-act play, “America’s Next Top Model Student,” earlier this year. The production was a rewarding challenge. “No one really pays attention and you kind of just have to figure out how to get everyone to listen to you and do what you want, while still listen to other people’s ideas and incorporate that into the play.”
Drama proved a great help when it came to working through typical anxieties, including learning how to chat people up.
Previously, Beaupre said, he “wasn’t comfortable” making small talk with people he didn’t know well. “I’m not perfect now,” he said, “but it’s definitely way better than it was when I was a freshmen.”
Beaupre couldn’t credit one person for inspiring him when he needed to be inspired. Instead he credited all of his friends. “Everyone has inspired me in some way. If I need someone to talk to there’s always someone there.”
Asked what he might do differently if he were starting Concord High anew, Beaupre joked that he would try to “be less weird” and also “be less loud and obnoxious” while still being who he is as a person.
Looking back, he said he wishes now that he got involved more in Tide Pride because “I’m a part of that community. It was never something I really got involved with at school.”
And, he wishes he had heard more of people’s stories and tried to get a better understanding of the experiences they’ve been through, he said.
Beaupre had some advice for next year’s freshmen. “Do well in school because your grades in freshman year really do matter. People may tell you that they don’,t or that freshman year is easy so you can just chill out,” but your grades freshman year can always “help raise your NGA when your grades aren’t so great later on” he said with a laugh.
For next year’s seniors, Beaupre had three big words: “Just stay calm.”
He wanted next year’s seniors to know that they just need to keep on going when balancing school with the stresses of applying for colleges and scholarships.
Beaupre will  attend Emmanuel College in Boston next year, and although he is not entirely sure what he wants to study, it seems that he is leaning towards sociology, a field that really has him interested.