Unsung hero: Lisa Lamb


“Unsung Heroes” is a new series of interviews and photos of Concord High School staff members who are underappreciated. They all help the school in their own way, perhaps by cleaning bathrooms, working in the cafeteria or answering phones.
Third in the series is a conversation with head secretary Lisa Lamb.
Q: “Do you have any pets?”
A: “Yes, I have two dogs, Lula and Cooper”
Q: “Do you have any children?”
A: “I have two children, Kayla and Logan.”
Q: “Do you live in the Concord area?”
A:  “I just recently moved out of Concord to Pembroke.”
Q: “What music do you listen to?”
A: “I turn the radio on and whatever happens to be there, I listen to. I don’t really have a preference.”
Q: “What are your favorite sports teams?”
A: “Well, we might not be friends after this, Sam, but I’m not really into sports. My son’s a swimmer, so that’s the only thing I ever watch, is him swimming.”
Q: “What did you like or dislike about your own high school growing up?”
A: “I went to high school here, Sam. And I loved it so much, I came back to work here!”
Q: “Have you worked anywhere else?”
A: “I worked many places, but I’ve been here for 13 years.”
Q: “How did you get the job?”
A: “Ms. Slick [guidance counselor Karen Slick] used to know me from another place I worked, and suggested that I should come up here and try things out and so that’s how I got here.”
Q: “What does your typical workday look like?”
A: “I don’t even know how to answer that! Crazy busy, with kids, parents, and teachers all day long.”
Q: “What do you like about your job?”
A: “Everything!”
Q: “What do you dislike about your job?”
A: “I really don’t dislike anything about my job at all”
Q: “What is the easiest or most fun part of your job?”
A: “Working with the kids and talking with kids all day.”
Q: “What is the hardest part of your job?”
A: “Currently, the hardest part of my job is watching Mr. Connolly’s health decline.”
Q: “How do you and the people who do your type of job help Concord High School every day?”
A: “I think by coming into work every day. We’re always here for people. When they have questions, we can answer anything they want.”
Q: “What is the strangest thing that ever happened during your job here at Concord High School?”
A: “That is a really good question! I wish I had time to think about this one. The strangest thing . . . my first year when I didn’t help with graduation, the young man who felt it necessary to streak. After graduation, he felt it was necessary to not have any clothes on and run across the field. Not a good idea, just so you know, Sam.”
Q: “What can the students of Concord High do to make your job easier?”
A: “Listen to the announcements and read their emails. Pretty simple.”