Anna Makris: "Senior year goes fast"


Anna Makris will be heading off to Endicott College in the fall after a busy senior year at Concord High School.
President of the Key Club, Makris made sure to attend as many school events as she could. “I enjoyed the school pep rally, football game and homecoming day parade,” she said. “I will always remember the Connolly Tough rally.”
Makris has been successful in school but she says things have not always come easy.
“I faced a big challenge when I was in my sophomore year because it was really hard academically,” she said.
“At the beginning of  freshmen year, I was really shy and didn’t talk to lots of people. But I think as I grew up and realized who I am, I become more social in new things,” said Makris.
She said she is grateful for friends, family members and others who inspired her. Her dance teacher, for example, “has always been the best inspiration for me because she helps when I need it and stays positive.”
Makris advises younger students to “get help when you need it” and “really be friendly to all.” Taking advantages of experiences and opportunities here at CHS will help when it comes to doing well in college.
She also recommends that people join high school clubs which can help them further with their education later.
Juniors should “get ready for college early and apply to as many colleges as you can because senior year goes very fast and it’s harder to manage everything,” she said.
Makris plans to spend her summer in the sun at the beach and dancing. She recently got a job at Concord Country Club where her sister also works.