Bizzy Willing: "Try new things"


As the end of senior year approaches, Bizzy Willing has been reminiscing about all sorts of things: time spent in hallways, friends soon left behind and even  love-hate relationships with teachers.
¨I will definitely remember friends, classes that were offered. That was really cool: I got to take, like, an Ancient Civilizations class, which I thought was pretty unique,¨ she said.
Now she wishes she had taken more classes when she had the chance including maybe Astronomy and Crime & Mystery. ¨I tried to take as few classes as possible because it was less work, but there are a lot of cool classes to take so I wish I had taken advantage of that.¨
Willing also wishes she had taken part in more clubs. ¨The presidential club or whatever has been organizing the candidates coming by — I would like to have been involved in that.¨   
She was strongly involved in CAST, or Concord High’s drama club, however.
¨I was part of the drama club, so I think I’ll always remember that,” said Willing, who stepped out of her comfort zone as a performer and directed a one-act play this fall, something she sees as one of her biggest accomplishments at CHS.
¨I think that that kind of stood out to me cause I never really pictured myself in a director position,” she said. “I just kind of always saw myself as working behind the scenes or being an actor, not necessarily doing the directing, so getting to do that I thought was a lot of fun and I felt good about doing that.¨
Willing also formed many close friendships through performing arts.
¨It’s been a lot of close relationships with people, you really bond cause you spend so many hours after school together, and just it’s really fun to work really hard and then put on a production and have people enjoy it.”
Another positive memory stems from a four-year struggle in math.
¨I’ve always kind of been struggling with math. It’s been a sore subject for me. I was used to getting nineties and stuff like that, and I would find myself not getting anywhere close. I would feel good if I got a ´C´ one something, and I was not used to feeling that way,¨ she recalled.
Her mother was someone she could talk to talk when she felt stressed with school.
¨I would just come home at the end of the day and vent my feelings towards everything to her, and she would just kind of give me suggestions on what to do and it was just nice to hear a third party opinion on whatever, whether it was academic or social.¨
Willing said these struggles, however, helped her grow as a person and learn. She learned to ask for help when needed, even if that was hard for her.
¨I reached out to my teachers, and even got a math tutor to help me because I wasn’t used to asking for help, academically.¨
Willing believes her struggle with math has helped her in the long run, particularly as she heads off to college in Europe. ¨I think I’ll be more likely to reach out if I find myself struggling academically.¨
Willing plans to study classics at the University of St Andrews, located in Fife,  Scotland. This school happens to be the third oldest English college in the world and the oldest of four ancient colleges in Scotland.
Upcoming seniors should try to stay focused next year as they figure out their own plans for life after high school, Willing said.
¨I know senioritis will hit you hard, but keep going as long as you can. Don’t stress out about college and your future; just enjoy your last year as a senior, because things will work themselves out no matter what,¨ she advised.
For incoming freshman, Willing also had words of wisdom.
¨Try new things, figure out what you want to do because when I came here as a freshman, I didn’t go into and try clubs or whatever and I feel like if I had I could have been involved in more things.¨
Willing said she has definitely grown wiser as a person since her own freshman year.
“I just think I’m more aware of the world,” she said. “I’ve definitely kind of like looked more into international news and stuff like that; I just think I’m less self absorbed. I think I’m more aware of people around me.¨
Although she has an exciting future ahead of her, Willing is emotional about leaving her friends behind.  
¨I’ve made a lot of strong bonds here, and it’ll be really hard to go to a new place and leave all my friends behind. I’m used to having them as my support system.¨
This summer she hopes to get a job with a local theater company and take trips with friends.
¨Whether that’s to the beach, or just to get ice cream, or something, I don´t know, just hang out and enjoy our last few months together.¨